Friday, January 20th, 2012

Another Day, Another Picture of Ricky Gervais Dressed as Hitler

Tweeting a picture of himself dressed as Hitler is kinda bad, but at least Ricky Gervais didn't go ahead with his original plan to come onstage at the Golden Globes dressed as Hitler.

“I was going to get to the podium, let it die down – then go, ‘Too much?’ Then I wanted to look in the crowd and go, ‘It’s the wrong crowd, just the wrong crowd’. Then I was going to say, ‘That’s the last time I borrow a suit from Mel Gibson.’ That would’ve been good, wouldn’t it?”

Nope. It wouldn't've. That would not have been good, at all. Looks like we need to start writing a multicamera sitcom about a lovable buffoon who values "pushing the envelope" above all else. Its main credits image would be a picture of Ricky Gervais lying on his stomach, propped up on his elbows, hands under his chin, looking impish, and the chyron "Ricky!" in bubble letters. The catchphrase would be: "Oh, Ricky!" Or maybe just "Ricky!" I haven't decided yet.

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  • Vic

    What is it with the contant digs at Gervais? Can you not just have one story on here about him without it? I'm not his biggest fan or anything, but it's getting odd.

    (Also, the Hitler costume idea, and Gibson kiss-off, does sound very funny. Though obviously not right for an Awards show!)

    • Hallie Cantor

      I will gladly say lots of positive things about ricky gervais when he stops DRESSING UP AS HITLER

    • I'm Gary@twitter

      @Hallie Cantor Or when he appears on Community or Parks & Rec.

  • Hunter Boyette@facebook

    It seems you didn't have any positive things to say about him before he dressed as Hitler. I mean, you're a great writer, and I'm not a great fan of Gervais, but you're kind of beating a dead horse with the whole I hate Ricky Gervais thing you've got going on. Although it does bring out your eyes.

    • Megh Wright

      @Hunter Boyette@facebook Your comment history, I enjoy it.

    • Hunter Boyette@facebook

      @Hunter Boyette@facebook Thanks

  • Jimmy Blackmon@twitter

    I gotta say…that sounds pretty funny.

    I hate to say this, but is it possible you kind of…didn't get the joke? I think the point is that Gervais got way overcriticized for being too offensive last year, so the joke would be to walk on stage wearing the most offensive thing ever and then be surprised that its too far. To play right into the image the press had created of his act.

    I too am not a HUGE Gervais fan (although The Office, Extras and his podcast are great), but you really are being too hard on him.

  • B Westof@twitter

    @Jimmy Blackmon "so the joke would be to walk on stage wearing the most offensive thing ever"

    What about Hitler in blackface? More or less funny?

  • Jimmy Blackmon@twitter

    Hard to see the signature mustache if he's also in blackface. More funny, less practical.

  • B Westof@twitter

    Simple solution: Grey mustache.

    Aging Hitler in blackface = Hilarious.

  • I'm Gary@twitter


  • Shawn Hertel@facebook

    Or… OR! Quite possibly, that was a photo of him 5 years ago for his "Politics" standup DVD and he posted it on twitter in response to people calling him Hitler. Also, I'm willing to bet what he said on Conan was simply joking for the sake of it–seeing as how everyone was expecting him to be so controversial for the Golden Globes. But, if you would rather jump to conclusions based on a small snippet of information you're certainly welcome.

  • Jimmy Blackmon@twitter

    And there we go.

    Splitsider is a cool blog, but a lot of the entries involve people extrapolating and making assumptions based off of very small bits of information and sometimes misinformation.

  • BuddyGrant

    I have a few theories on the tremendous amount of effort Splitsider writers seem to expend on attempting to snark Gervais recently.
    1) Purely a financial consideration, since these posts probably get a lot more hits/views than many posts on the site.
    2) Some of the Splitsider writers are fiercely defensive about their religious views, and their feelings were hurt when Gervais auctioned off one of the earliest daguerreotype images of Adam & Eve riding a dinosaur.
    3) Ricky Gervais is actually a Splitsider writer, and he's posting these stories himself under fake names in another of his typical self promotion schemes:-).

  • http://twitter.com/joshung Joshua Ungerleider

    Didn't Gervais say this after the last Golden Globes too? Or maybe the one before that, or both?

    Either way, it would have been similar to Ted Danson wearing blackface for the Roast of Whoopie Goldberg, so offensive or not, it wouldn't have been all that clever anyway.

  • Ava Adore

    Good grief.. all the snarky Ricky Gervais articles that Splitsider posts makes me wonder if he did something personally to you. I like coming to this site and reading articles, but the amount of hate you guys use when talking about Ricky Gervais is silly. If you don't like him for whatever reason, could you just stop talking about him? This is getting really old.

  • sirormadame

    Not sure why everyone's so sore about these great Ricky Gervais-being-a-pain blurbs. I love them. NEVER STOP. Never stop until Ricky gervais stops acting so foolish.

  • Dirk

    The dislike for Gervais is also strange because he (with Merchant) invented the template that so much of today's (and one of Splitsider's favorite) streaks of comedy is based on. The British Office is one of the best sit-coms ever. Much of TV comedy and what studios considered acceptable to audiences took a big shift then.

    And Extras is terrifically funny.

  • Jon Haddock@twitter

    I watched the end of the first episode of Gervais's new sitcom 'Derek'. Seriously, he looks EXACTLY like Hitler these days. It would almost be a comedic travesty NOT to dress up as Hitler at every opportunity… I bloody would if I looked like that!