Friday, January 20th, 2012

Dane Cook's Response to the Twitter Complaints About His Last Set

Here's what Dane Cook had to say after T.J. Miller and other comics publicized their non-enjoyment of his recent standup set on Twitter:

“I’m back in the stand up octagon after a year off. I’m deeply inspired by various artists I admire. Certainly my friend and one of the great ones Patrice O’Neal passing away has fortified my belief that we, as comedians, all need to share and explore our souls up there — and sometimes our perspective on the whimsical minutia — in order to grow as artists and people.”

“I’ve always felt that comedians can’t be critics,” Cook added, referencing the fact that so many fellow comics had things to say. “They can be critical onstage, but it’s impossible to be both an artist and a critic.”

“That said, I’m thinking T.J. Miller, the A.V. Club and I go on a road trip this weekend. I know a terrific spa in Ojai,” referencing the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. “Hydrating facials, doubles tennis and a killer 50-minute Expectant Mother’s Massage. My treat. Since I’m really quite rich.”

Well, okay. Now we wait and see if T.J. Miller accepts the invitation and they go on an eye-opening road trip that starts with them hating each other but gradually, through a series of adventures and run-ins with the hard-assed police officer who's on their tail (played by Nick Offerman), they come to respect and even – dare I say? – love each other, and hold hands as they rev their 1966 Thunderbird convertible into the Grand Canyon.

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  • http://twitter.com/joshung Joshua Ungerleider

    The amazing thing is, at one point, the thought "Hmm, this will show people I'm not a dick" was in Dane Cook's mind while drafting this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Mischnick/699648889 Michael Mischnick

    I know the following statement will surprise no one, but, Dane Cook is a huge douche nozzle.

  • http://www.twitter.com/pablogoldstein Pablo Goldstein

    Life's too short to actively hate people on the internet. Even if they really, really, reaaaaaally deserve it.

  • http://productivelyunproductive.com Otaku-jin

    “I’m back in the stand up octagon after a year off."
    I don't have any beef with Dane Cook. But does he have to sound like an Ed Hardy/Axe/Affliction soundboard every time he opens his mouth?

  • theBULL

    I don't hate Dane Cook. And it's annoying how his fellow peers have treated him as a punching bag because they haven't found the same success; especially when he tried to pay it forward to his friends coming up under him. As for the joke-stealing, it's already been settled between Louis CK and him. I mean really, it's not like all his jokes were stolen.

    • hypnosifl

      @theBULL Just because the fictional Louis CK and Dane Cook settled things on the show doesn't necessarily mean all is forgiven in reality, I think Louis intentionally pulled his punches with his character's dialogue just for the sake of getting Cook to do the bit on the show. There were other examples of Cook stealing Louis' jokes besides the one bit (itchy asshole) that they brought up on the show…look at the first two jokes here for instance, especially the second one about kids' names.

    • derek@twitter

      @theBULL This is so beyond tired. I'm not and have never particularly been a fan of Cook (he "has his moments"), but this is just dumb. At most / at worst, Cook used to do three bits that were kind of similar in premise, but not the same joke, as Louie's bits. Cook even specifically said on WTF what the origin of his car accident / "BAD THING" joke was. At this point I feel like Louie did the bit with Cook on his show more for the benefit of ending the goddamn discussion amongst comedy fans and the comedy community much more so than out of any need to settle things between himself as Cook, as they had reportedly sorted this shit out years ago.

    • Jason Farr@facebook

      @hypnosifl The joke stealing thing is old. Plus, the kids name bit of Louis CK's and Dane's is a lot like an old Steve Martin gag…but nobody is accusing CK of stealing that. I'm not a Dane Cook fan or hater, but in all honesty, this situation makes me not like him so much. So I have no reason to defend the joke thief accusations, but I think that was just parallel thought. Those really weren't such unique jokes that only CK could have thought of them. ESPECIALLY the name bits. Even I had some kid naming bits and I hadn't heard of their jokes when I wrote mine. It just happens.

  • Spit & Spite@twitter

    Dane speaks about this on the DeathSquad podcast apparently:


  • Ava Adore

    Wow, I thought that the response might be nice, but then he pulls the "ya know, I'm rich" card at the end. Dick move. TJ Miller is a million times more funny than that dickhead.

    • http://www.facebook.com/MickDanger Mike Marino

      You might just have to lighten up a little bit. Maybe funny things (of even a small value) aren't really your thing.

  • Cat Yoga

    Nothing seems to upset a comedian as much as the huge success of another comedian while they lanquish in obscurity. Comedians write similar jokes all the time and stealing is not the reason why. How often do you see Jay Leno and David Letterman makes a joke that is practically the same because they are both able to do material on TV that is in the news the same night as we the public learn about it. Do you think one of them has a spy in the other ones writing room – No – jokes that are similar happen all the time. As for Dane Cook, he is a generous and thoughtful guy who donates more of his time to helping others than any of the people who complain about him, I promise you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MickDanger Mike Marino

    Wait, people still do the "I really need people to think I hate this guy!" bit? Shows how out of the loop I am!