Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Eddie Brill Has Been "Removed From His Position" at Letterman

Late Show booker Eddie Brill has been let go, following a New York Times article in which he said a pretty dumb thing about female comics being less "authentic" than men. (Brill subsequently claimed that the quote was taken out of context, but the article's author denied it.)

Sure, it's a bummer to see someone lose their job over one or two sentences, but it's also kind of awesome that the incredibly outdated and close-minded sentiment displayed in those sentences won't fly in the comedy community today. Especially on the part of someone responsible for choosing which comics to showcase to a huge audience. Brill, who will stay on as Letterman's warm-up comic, said that the booking will be taken over by "a small group of 25-year-olds." He was probably just making a self-deprecating joke, but he might also be inadvertently giving some good advice to the Late Show: age aside, their booker should be someone who seeks to understand and appreciate the state of comedy today, not 40 years ago.

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  • Emerson Dameron@twitter

    Brill wasn't fired for not booking female comedians – he was fired for admitting it. Letterman's people knew he booked one female comic in 2011 and did nada. But then they saw him taking fire and decided they might not want to be associated with him. Which makes sense, considering some of the boss's other lady-related public embarrassments.

    I don't know if Brill is a misogynist, but I definitely think he's a scapegoat. And late night is still a wurstfest.