Monday, January 9th, 2012

Fox Gives Allen Gregory the Axe

Fox cancelled Allen Gregory! Yes! Wait, cancelled means permanently on tv forever right?
Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill's Allen Gregory, which joined Fox's Sunday night animation lineup in October, has been cancelled by the network after a first season that delivered increasingly poor ratings over time. It's not a huge surprise due to those ratings, but has got to be disappointing for Hill. But on the upside, he is still rich and famous and much thinner than he used to be and probably has Brad Pitt's cell number in his phone.

What say you: did you watch Allen Gregory? Did it deserve the boot?

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  • Dekkoparsnip

    Does this mean Bob's Burgers will be back sooner? Or do we have to wait for Napoleon Dynamite to reach the soaring heights of Party Girl, My Big Fat Greek Life or Some of My Best Friends first?

  • Mike Toomey@twitter

    I confused by how Jonah continually said his inspiration was "The Simpsons" yet AG was nothing like "The Simpsons".

  • Sam Christopher@facebook

    I watched a couple of episodes. I thought it was okay, but not compelling enough to win my Sunday night fight of AG vs. Once Upon a Time. And considering Fox does that irritating thing where you can't see their shows until eight days later I just…didn't care. I'm sure Jonah will recover.

  • Nick Taylor@twitter

    The main problem with Allen Gregory was that all the characters who were assholes never had to learn a lesson and all the sympathetic characters just got shit on by the assholes. What you needed was dick to come along and fuck the assholes. It's just science.

    • Agent M

      @Nick Taylor@twitter …+1 for Team America! And yes, call me a square for insisting that there be a SINGLE likeable character!

    • Mark Magdamit@facebook

      @Nick Taylor@twitter That's generally how I felt about the show, too. There were countless sharp lines of dialog but as you said there were few, if any, characters to really and truly like and latch on to. I hope he does attempt another show again because I think all this one needed was an executive producer like a Greg Daniels or Michael Schur to add more warmth and humanity to the characters and stories.

      Also: My DVR kept recording The Simpsons even though I set it to record Allen Gregory. Every. Single. Time. There must be a conspiracy!

    • bard

      @Nick Taylor@twitter I didn't watch Allen Gregory, so I can't say for sure, but that formula worked perfectly for Arrested Development.