Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Harris Wittels and June Diane Raphael Have Joined Sarah Silverman's NBC Pilot

Sarah Silverman's NBC pilot pulled off a one-two punch of great casting today with Harris Wittels (Parks and Rec writer and Humblebrag creator) and June Diane Raphael (How Did This Get Made? podcaster and Paul Scheer marryer). Both of them will play neighbors of Silverman's character, Susan: Wittels is a "short, hipster, endearing" fan of Susan's, and Raphael is her ex-best friend, abandoned when Susan "disappeared into a relationship ten years ago." Sounds promising!

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  • DudebroDMB@Twitter

    This is excellet news. Harris' Phone (Foam?) Corner is one of the best things about CBB. Analyze Phish is possibly better, but only if you love Phish. Or love to hate Phish.