How Things Got Ugly at a 2 Broke Girls Press Panel

So apparently at a recent Television Critics Association panel, critics asked 2 Broke Girls showrunner Michael Patrick King about the show’s offensively one-dimensional supporting characters and he – slowly, gradually – flipped the fuck out. Keep in mind, even CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler says this show needs to “dimensionalize” its supporting characters. But it looks like King really didn’t want to face that criticism, instead turning defensive.

Things took a particularly uncomfortable turn when the reporter who had initially asked about Tassler’s comments again tried to get King to clarify his remarks, reading the exact quote from the transcript of Tassler’s executive session.

King asked the reporter for his name. The reporter gave it.

“So you’re Irish?” King asked.

“Yes,” the reporter replied.

“So we’ve identified your sexual problem,” King said.

The cast members also joined King in straight-up denying the show’s raunchy double entendres (please, like their use of “facial” actually referred to the spa treatment). It’s tough to take criticism, but come on, guys. It’s the only way to take what’s good about the show and make it better.

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