Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

More Shocking Things Modern Family Could Make Lily Do Than Say Fuck

So a bunch of anti-cursing folks are real gosh-darned P.O.'d that Lily's gonna be using the F-word on tonight's episode of Modern Family (bleeped out, of course. This isn't Showtime). As a longtime supporter of Lily's darker side, I embrace this development. After all, there are a lot of worse things the writers could make her do on-air. Like…

– light Stella on fire

– steal all the characters' cell phones and hoard them under her bed, only taking them out late at night to arrange them in a glowing circle around her as she conducts Wiccan ritual chants

– secretly follow Luke around everywhere, intermittently moaning things about Vietnam, and convince him that he is being haunted by the evil ghost of his 84-year-old video game buddy

– stare down the camera as it very slowly zooms in on her face during an end-of-episode montage and mouth the words "you're next"

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  • http://www.lindaaar.tumblr.com/ Linda Aarseth

    Eric Stonestreet tweeted out that she said "Fudge" during the filming. And it will be bleeped in the actual episode. So, I don't really see what all the fuzz is about. Oh, and if you let your child watch TV with cussing, it's your fault.

  • 6 100

    I would like her to look at an old baby picture of herself and speak about how it doesnt look like her. Then she could say something about not feeling as Asian as she used to.

  • Ray Anselmo@twitter

    Other worse things she could do:

    – during Toddler Time at the library, read out loud passages from American Psycho.

    – put a Barbie on the range element of the stove, turn it on, then cackle and say "WHERE'S YOUR PLASTIC SURGEON NOW, HUH?!?" as it melts.

    – run with scissors.

    – advocate voting for Gingrich.

  • killuminati

    So what I think this is pretty funny