Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Pitchfork's Readers Like Camp Way More Than Its Reviewers Did

In defiance of Pitchfork's emphatically low 1.6 rating of Childish Gambino's Camp, the site's readers voted the album number 18 on their list of the year's Top 50 Albums and number one for Most Underrated Album in their annual Readers Poll. Gambino also makes a showing in the categories for Best New Artist, Best Live Act, Best Musician Twitter, and Best Mixtape (for his EP). Huzzah! Comedians' rap is the rap of the people! Occupy Pitchfork! Okay, let's not get carried away.

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  • Nick S

    To paraphrase Robert California: Childish Gambino is rap for people who don't like rap. Any given mixtape from someone like Fabolous or Cam'ron has way funnier punchlines than anything on Camp, but comedy nerds will never give those a chance because those dudes never wrote for 30 Rock.

    • isntanywhere

      @Nick S It's awful because that review is a pretty detailed description of everything awful about that album, but nobody who defended him in response actually addressed anything the review said, 99% of the comments were "Pitchfork is for hipsters lol" or "They're just mad about that one line he had where he referenced them" which are the dumbest possible responses.

      He's beloved by the same kind of people who think that nerdcore is legitimate (guys, nerdcore is the worst).

  • Nick Taylor@twitter

    Is it possible that it's a good album and because it doesn't fit neatly into the 'rap' box it's maligned? Sure, I'm painfully white and the odds of me listening to a Fabolous mix tape are slim to none, but I know what I like god dammit, and this was great.