Monday, January 30th, 2012

The Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament

Welcome to the Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament! This page gives a full rundown of the current voting and results of the tournament. The full, squinty bracket is above, and a more legible breakdown of the four "regions" — to be updated when results are available — follows:

Round One

1/30: I Love Lucy vs. The Honeymooners and The Simpsons vs. SeinfeldPoll closed.
1/31: The Cosby Show vs. Cheers and The Office (US) vs. The Office (UK) — Poll closed.
2/1: Dick Van Dyke vs. Get Smart and Friends vs. FrasierPoll closed.
2/2: Roseanne vs. Mary Tyler Moore and 30 Rock vs. CommunityPoll closed.
2/3: Seinfeld vs. Remedial Chaos Theory and South Park vs. Larry SandersPoll closed.
2/6: WKRP in Cincinnati vs. MASH and Parks and Rec vs. Arrested DevelopmentPoll closed.
2/7: Party Down vs. Bob Newhart and Newsradio vs. The SimpsonsPoll closed.
2/8: Taxi vs. Fawlty Towers and Curb Your Enthusiasm vs. It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaPoll closed.

See the round one results right here!

Round Two

2/13: Seinfeld vs. Friends and I Love Lucy vs. The Dick Van Dyke ShowPoll closed.
2/14: The Office (UK) vs. Community and Cheers vs. The Mary Tyler Moore ShowPoll closed.
2/15: Community vs. Party Down and South Park vs. The SimpsonsPoll closed.
2/16: Arrested Development vs. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and WKRP in Cincinnati vs. Fawlty TowersPoll closed.

See the round two results right here!

Round Three

2/20: I Love Lucy vs. CommunityPoll Closed.
2/21: Cheers vs. Fawlty TowersPoll Closed.
2/22: Seinfeld vs. The SimpsonsPoll Closed.
2/23: Community vs. Arrested DevelopmentPoll Closed.

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  • Dex@twitter

    The 70s and 80s should have had their own brackets. No Three's Company or Happy Days?

  • Ava Adore

    Community has two episodes in the running? Over Party Down and the Office? Wow.

    • 37070261@twitter

      @Ava Adore Where do you see 2 community episodes? No show has more than one…maybe read before you complain.

    • marianoelle30

      There is one Community episode in the 21st Century bracket (Modern Warfare) and one in the Wildcard bracket (Remedial Chaos Theory). Seinfeld also had two episodes to start with, although they got knocked out of the Wildcard round.

  • JichaelMackson

    "A Shirt Story"? lol… that one was funny, but.. hmm, I guess as a whole it was hilarious. Anything with Theo was funny!
    "Off To See The Wretched" was funny, too! LOLLLL!

  • agranon