Thursday, January 19th, 2012

TJ Miller's Tweets Re: Dane Cook's Standup Set Last Night Are Fairly Upsetting

Is sad. Watching him try and work through his own shit on stage when he is saying "go fuck a dirty whore. That's the best therapy." #lord
T.J. Miller

Yeesh. Apparently Dane Cook showed up to the Improv in LA last night and performed a pretty angry set. TJ Miller tweeted a lengthy response that continued this morning, noting that Cook talked about not paying for an abortion and "finding some whore to fuck to take out his anger at his ex girlfriend." (Ali Waller also tweeted about how glad she was to "hear the story about how he 'chainsaw-fucked' a 'disgusting whore's cunt.'") Guess Cook decided not to take a break from standup after all.

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  • http://www.collegehumor.com/user:328495 Chase Mitchell

    This would be sad if he wasn't so completely beyond pity. Looks like he's already managed to squander all the charity cred Louis C.K. tossed him a few months ago. He apparently tried a dramatic role recently and the movie was panned to hell. He just seems like an angry, bitter husk of a human being at this point.

  • Agent M

    I will never forget that Dave Attell/Giraldo/Cook special. That was the 1st time I saw him, and he knocked me out. Unfortunately the NEXT time I saw him was the HBO special "in the round" where all he did was grunt and howl and stomp around telling pointless stories. I couldn't believe it was the same guy.

  • grovberg

    Yeah it's weird how being shit on by all of your peers for no real reason year after year will make you bitter and angry. I don't feel especially strongly about his comedy one way or the other, but it's really not up for debate that he absolutely paid his dues (whatever that might actually mean) and built an audience for himself through years of hard work. And once he found some success, he absolutely tried to pay it forward to comedians coming up under him. But then for some reason his entire peer group decided to use him as a punching bag because they weren't satisfied with their own career. I can see why that would make you a tad disgruntled.

    If you don't like his comedy, that's fine. Again, I'm not sure I would even consider myself a fan per-se. But what the comedy community has done to him is shameful, and it's entirely understandable that it would cause him to lash out.