Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Todd Glass Comes Out on an Incredibly Moving Episode of WTF with Marc Maron

Todd Glass was on WTFpod yesterday, where he publicly came out and proceeded to have a fascinating, honest discussion with Maron about his own story, the relationship between comedy and bullying, and why we need to just accept other human beings, already. Here's one piece of his message:

Leave everybody the fuck alone. Let people do what they want. And that's why that's my bigger cause. You know the gay flag? I always thought it would be better to have another flag – not pro-gay, pro-everything. I don't give a fuck: transgender, gay, straight, you're a little feminine. That flag means we don't give a fuck who you are. Come in. Come in to the store.

Man, I just got chills thinking about how awesome it would be if this were the world we lived in. Conversations like this one are a start.

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  • http://sorryyourheinous.tumblr.com/ sorry your heinous

    This was a great episode. Felt like I was tearing up a couple times, but Marc and Todd were able to keep it funny without compromising the weight of the discussion. Hope people listen.

  • Cutter

    How much do I love Todd Glass?

    This was an amazing thing to listen to, and I thought Maron was the perfect person to be Todd's co-pilot of sorts for this announcement. Caring, funny, empathetic. He did a great job,and really came off like a great friend to Todd.

    Todd has gone from being one of my favorite comics to being one of my favorite brave comics with an awesome sense of what's right. Good man, him.

  • grovberg

    "That flag means we don't give a fuck who you are. Come in. Come in to the store."

    Yes! Sign me up for a thousand. While I am very pro-Gay rights, I've been so frustrated at the implication that bullying is only really a problem for gay kids.

    Congrats to Todd. Well done.

  • Buck Na Ked

    What a gaylord.Should be called Todd S'ass.
    Hate this homo tough guys.
    Its a fucking sin.