Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

One Hour of Poehler & Lynch and One Tragically Unreleased Movie Trailer

An hour of Amy Poehler and Jane Lynch chatting would be worth it no matter what they're talking about, but if they're talking about Amy's early days at Second City and ImprovOlympic, whether Del Close was a misogynist or just a misanthrope, and the decisions to turn down sitcom money to stay with the rest of the UCB, then you have already clicked the link and I am just talking to no one. La la la la there isn't anyone reading this because everyone is over in another tab watching that amazing interview.

Note: the video above is the trailer for Spring Breakdown, the unreleased movie Poehler and Lynch starred in with Rachel Dratch and Parker Posey, which they discuss about 40 minutes into the interview. The fact that this film never saw theaters is, to put it simply, a MASSIVE AND UTTER TRAVESTY.

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  • Nick S

    Spring Breakdown was released on DVD though, and OOOOOOOOOOF!

  • Sam Christopher@facebook

    I was at this interview, and it was aaaaaawesome!!! I mean, I guess you can tell that from the interview…but I walked out of the theater with a happy comedy glow. They are both two rockin' ladies.

  • Anna Jayne@twitter

    Yeah, I watched Spring Breakdown on Netflix Instant and while I still hold all those ladies dear to my heart, it was not great.