Monday, February 27th, 2012

Louis C.K. Taps a New Editor for Louie's Third Season

Exciting: I have fired myself as editor of LOUIE for season 3 and hired Susan E. Morse. check her out, yo: http://t.co/HBYZRHhp
Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. just announced via Twitter that Susan Morse, a longtime editor of Woody Allen's films, will be editing season 3 of Louie. Her movie experience will likely make her a good fit, since episodes of Louie tend to feel more like short films than sitcom episodes. It's a first for C.K. to surrender some control over the show, which he notoriously wrote/directed/edited all by himself in its first two seasons. Maybe he's getting ready to devote more time to his CBS pilot if it goes to series?

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  • Nick S

    This is a great, great idea. I was always felt the editing was a bit amatuerish and there are stretches of Louie that just dragged horribly. The editing was the only real weak link in the show so Season 3 should be CRAY CRAY.