Friday, February 3rd, 2012

NBC's Thursday Ratings Continue Sinking Like Lead Pipes Full of Comedy

30 Rock hit a new series low in last night's ratings, with Parks, The Office and Up All Night down at least 5% each. Things are getting worse every week! Super-sigh.

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  • that guy

    No big loss. These shows can be clever but they're mostly "snarky" bullshit.

  • Johnny Hall

    So maybe it's not Community…maybe 8pm on Thursdays on NBC is just a shitty place to be!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Louie-Pearlman/512287332 Louie Pearlman

    That really sucks. I thought this week's episode was one of the most consistently funniest in recent memory. And bonus Kristen Schaal!

  • Emerson Dameron@twitter

    I adore 30 Rock, but at this point it's so full of in-jokes that it might have trouble holding new viewers. It's happened to the best of them.

    Better that than coasting through ten years of pandering Everyone Tolerates Raymond mediocrity.