Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Watch Aubrey Plaza's Spooky Side Starring in a Music Video

Here's Aubrey Plaza in a music video for "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings," the new single from former Fleet Foxes drummer J. Tillman. She plays, in her words, "a crazy person who destroys the funeral" that she's attending. She also eats flowers and smokes apples and stands in billowing red smoke like a supernatural villainess. Just another crazy night at the Snake Pit for April Ludgate.

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  • RayLove

    "from *former* Fleet Foxes drummer J. Tillman"

  • Michael McAllister@twitter

    I like to think that Plaza's character in this video exists in the same world as Donald Glover's character in the Bonfire video. Or at least that both events took place in the same woods.