Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Dwight's Spinoff & Mindy Kaling's Pilot Are Taking Their Toll on The Office

Big shakeups are about to hit Dunder Mifflin. Paul Lieberstein will likely exit as showrunner next year, the better to focus on the Dwight-centric spinoff. Meanwhile, Mindy Kaling's absence to work on her new series seems inevitable after the casting of Ed Helms, Bill Hader, and Richard Schiff in the pilot. So in theory, next year could see the loss of: the showrunner, an influential writer, Dwight, Andy, Toby, and Kelly. That'd make for an empty Scranton office, all right. I know this show is good at adapting, but isn't it kind of time to close things out already?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nick-Douglas/69100171 Nick Douglas

    Nah, just throw in five more bosses!

  • Jason Farr@facebook

    It's been time to close things out. And instead of ending the show and THEN doing those other shows they're going to weaken the show so that it has one final, awful year so it will have to be ended. This is a horrible idea.

  • http://twitter.com/JesseDavidFox @JesseDavidFox

    Call me a hopeless idealist or a blind optimist (just as long as you call me) but maybe, just maybe, this is exactly what the show needs — a complete washing out of its system. Maybe, just maybe, the show will become about Darryl as the new boss. He has been the show's most consistently funny and grounded character for the last few years. This WILL happen and I can't wait.

  • Rishabh Bablani@twitter

    Maybe they'll do "The Office: Interns" like Scrubs did.

  • Agent M

    Lots of love, and no hard feelings. It's been a (mostly) good run…but it's time.

  • FubarGuy

    Pat its' big, shaggy head one last time & let it go, peacefully.