Monday, March 26th, 2012

Gallagher's Watermelon-Smashing Days Are Behind Him

Even before suffering another heart attack yesterday (his second in 11 days and third in a year), Gallagher said last week that he's retiring from live performance after 32 years. Sounds like the right move for his health. And a 32-year career is nothing to sneeze at. Unless some little bits of watermelon debris get trapped in your nostrils; then sneezing should be expected.

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  • Michael Combs@facebook

    I'm sorry to see Gallagher retiring because of his health.

    I'm also sorry to see two articles on Gallagher's health and nothing about the passing of the Firesign Theater's Peter Bergman. He helped create smart and literate but dumb humor borne from improv that was worked and reworked until it became these dense little jewels of comedy. I've owned several copies of their masterpiece "Don't Crush that Dwarf, Hand me the pliers" and it took years before I stopped noticing new things in their complicated storylines and their jazz like wordplay.