Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Improv Everywhere Takes on the TED Conference

Improv Everywhere really is everywhere, even at technology, entertainment and design conferences in Long Beach, California. The group faked out the audience for a talk "on how crowdsourcing solar panel technology innovations can lead us to a new paradigm for health care reform" with Apple's spinning beach ball of death. Even more awesome, they wrote in their report of the prank that all the performers involved (aside from Eugene Cordero, who plays the speaker) were regular ol' TED attendees who'd signed up for an Improv Everywhere workshop. I'd say they got a pretty hands-on learning experience.

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  • Nick S

    This fills me with so much secondhand embarrassment it's hard to put in words. When the umbrellas popped upped I LITERALLY DIED.


    • Megh Wright

      @Nick S Your comment gave me my loudest laugh of the night. SO TRUE! Cringe overdose.