Jeffrey Tambor Reveals the Genesis of Oscar Bluth

Hey, anyone laboring under the impression that Arrested Development was meticulously plotted down to the last chicken dance before the first episode ever aired:

We were fitting a wig for George, for a scene when he’d have hair, and I walked outside, and Mitch [Hurwitz] was way high up in the writers’ room and looking down, and he saw me with the wig — it wasn’t cut yet, so it came down past my shoulders — and he said, “Hold it right there!” And that’s how Oscar was born. That’s what was so great about the show, how stuff that happens on set could transform the show.

That’s Jeffrey Tambor explaining how Oscar Bluth was born accidentally on the set. And a happy accident it was, because the world is better for Oscar Bluth’s presence in it. Even if he did never learn that there’s no such thing as free shrimp.

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