Monday, March 5th, 2012

Oh, So Here's That Bill & Ted 3 Script You Wanted, Man

Right, so, Keanu Reeves told us all about the time travel plot points of the third Bill & Ted movie back in April, right? And that there'd be a draft of the script in six weeks, yeah? And now it's like…40-something weeks later, man, but there's finally a finished script, and it's so righteous that it's even, like, making me talk in this sorta annoying stoner argot, which means it's gotta be really righteous. Give this thing the green light, already, studios. Man. Also, studios, while you're here, could I get maybe, ah, a glass of water or something? Water would taste really good right now.

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  • Just One Thing

    On multiple levels, I don't get it. Bill and Ted didn't really talk like stoners, and it was only ever vaguely implied (at best) in the first film that they could have been stoners. Certainly they never said "man" as a tag on their sentences.

    Also, the end of the second Bill and Ted was perfect! It wrapped things up forever, satisfyingly. Nobody needed this third movie.

  • OCGeekGirl

    Who wrote the script?