Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

So Abby Elliott's Not Leaving SNL This Year After All

Very suspicious news is in the air. Abby Elliott has left the pilot cast for Ben Fox Is My Manny after "it was determined that she wasn’t the right fit for the role" in a table read yesterday. Determined by whom? Damn you, passive voice! What happened here??? Drama aside, the upshot is that Elliott won't have to leave SNL if the show goes to series. Which is good, because Angelina Jolie is not going to stop adopting babies anytime soon, and SNL is not going to stop needing to make fun of her.

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  • Slutface

    I wish she would leave SNL and take Kenan with her.

    • Just One Thing

      @Slutface What do you have against Abby? Kenan, on the other hand, has long been the cast's weak link.

      I love Kristen Wiig, but half the time now she's not even trying; ditto with Fred Armisen. They should definitely go.

    • Slutface

      @Just One Thing I don't think she's funny. She can do impressions but other than that, she doesn't have any other noteworthy sketches.

    • Just One Thing

      @Slutface Abby Elliott has not been given enough time to be funny. One of the primary problems with SNL in the last few years is that they've relied far too much on celebrity impersonations and not enough on original material. If this sounds like every criticism of SNL ever, then I demand that you re-watch SNL from around 2003-5, when for every sketch that featured some story-of-the-week parody sketch, they did two or three original-thought sketches. (Thank you, Maya Rudolph).

  • Anthony Coro

    Yeah, I like Abby but I think a mass SNL cast exodus is long overdue. We need a lot of fresh blood.