Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

The TV Guide Network Is Getting Into the Comedy Mix With StandUp in Stilletos

Let's put aside the fact that the TV Guide Network's new female standup show hosted by The Office's Kate Flannery is called StandUp in Stilletos and just focus on the awesome fact that there's a TV Guide Network new female standup show hosted by The Office's Kate Flannery. Because everything about it (minus that name) sounds great! The show's been picked up for 10 episodes premiering June 16, and each will feature three female standups performing for a live audience at a comedy club. TV Guide will also be airing a talk show hosted by Australian comedian Rove McManus, called Rove LA, and starting with episodes that have already aired down under. You go, TV Guide! (Wow, that is not a sentence I thought I would type today.)

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  • Hipster Problems@twitter

    i agree- that name makes me roll my eyes. but everything else about this sounds grrrrrreat! (sorry, there's a Frosted Flakes ad in the sidebar right now)