24 Thinkpieces About Girls

How big a bonus does the HBO marketing department deserve? Let me count the thinkpieces (an incomplete list — interviews are not counted because there are just so fucking many of them):

The slacker is back – and this time she’s femaleThe Guardian, 3/24

It’s Different for ‘Girls’New York Magazine, 3/25

Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ and the Rise of the Female SlackerJezebel, 3/27

Lena Dunham: Unwatchable in the Best WayThe New Yorker, 3/27

The Bleaker SexThe New York Times, 3/31

Naked in New YorkThe New York Times, 3/31

The Thing About All These New TV Shows About GirlsThought Catalog, 4/4

‘Girls’ TalkThe New Yorker, 4/5

The Unbearable Lightness of ‘Girls’Tablet, 4/6

‘Girls’ of HBO’s frank new television comedy share their mortifying momentsThe Denver Post, 4/8

Why Is the Sex on HBO’s Girls Such a Drag?Slate, 4/9

The Awkward Honest of ‘Girls’Splitsider, 4/10

Why I’m Deeply Skeptical of HBO’s Super-Hyped Show ‘Girls’Alternet, 4/11

True, new female friendshipSalon, 4/11

‘Girls’: The new ‘Sex and the City’?The Express Tribune, 4/11

‘Girls’: What the Hell Was HBO Thinking?Mother Jones, 4/11

HBO’s ‘Girls’ shows that life is complicated for TV’s single femalesKansas City Star, 4/12

HBO’s ‘Girls’ brilliantly channels Lena Dunham’s comic voiceHitfix, 4/12

Is HBO’s ‘Girls’ the Voice of Our Generation? Nope, And That’s OkGood Magazine, 4/12

HBO’s ‘Girls’ Is the Best New TV Show of 2012The Daily Beast, 4/12

The radical message of ‘Girls’LA Times, 4/12

‘Girls’: Getting It Right While Doing it WrongThe Atlantic, 4/12

Girls Will Be GirlsThe New Yorker, 4/16

Girl RiotTime, 4/16

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