The 30 Best Videos of Reggie Watts Being Awesome

Reggie Watts is a wholly unique entity. What he does and why it’s so funny is inexplicable. One thing is for certain, the man is photogenic, videogenic, telegenic, everything-genic. His blend of fro, beard, dexterous mouth, and crazy eyes are the perfect accompaniment to his form of loop-based music/performance art/comedy. Many videographers have realized if you just put a camera on the man, he’ll make some amazing for you. Here are some of the best examples:

High Contrast Black & White REGGIE

Inconsistent Light and Surrounded by Modern Dancers REGGIE



Visually Broken Down REGGIE

Intimate, Blanket Forted REGGIE

Sounding like a Nick Jr. Theme Song REGGIE

Speaking Fake Foreign Languages in a Vortex REGGIE

Earnest REGGIE


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