Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

According to Jim, California's Medical Marijuana Cards Work in Martha's Vineyard

"Jim Belushi was caught at the Martha's Vineyard airport carrying a marijuana-filled joint in his pocket according to TMZ. The actor showed authorities his California medical marijuana card (which doesn't work in Massachusetts). In the end TSA confiscated the drug and let him off with a warning."
Jim Belushi, everyone.

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jim belushi, weed

  • Archie Oogley

    True story – When 'According to Jim' was shooting on the CBS Radford lot, Jim Belushi had such a "thing" about having to walk all the way to the men's room, then all the way back, that he used a special Snapple bottle as his personal piss jar. Everybody on set (cast/crew) knew not to touch his Snapple bottle, but HE had to be reminded all the time – "Fucking JIM! Stop leaving your piss bottle on the craft services table." Everybody knew, and nobody but the higher-up producers were allowed to talk to him about it.

    Surprisingly, most people who worked on 'According' said it wasn't that bad – The rest of the cast were total pros.

  • MrReinholdsCourtroom

    He wasn't even arrested? That was the Jim Belushi of celebrity drug stories.