Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Adam Sandler to Remake Summer School

Adam Sandler's Happy Madison production company is set to remake 1987's Summer School, a Carl Reiner-directed comedy about a gym teacher stuck teaching English all summer long to a pack of "oddballs and rebels." Originally starring Mark Harmon, Kirstie Alley, Courtney Thorne-Smith, and a dog wearing sunglasses, this doesn't seem like the kind of remake that's going to upset too many people in love with the original. I mean, I'm just judging by the amazing DVD art and 6.1 IMDB rating; I haven't seen it. Should I have? Is Summer School a classic comedy that I've somehow missed out on? Is Sandler about to ruin Mark Harmon's finest work? Damn you, Sand-man!

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  • J.R.

    Adam, Adam, Adam- you've never seen Summer School? I saw this IN THE THEATER. TWICE! That's right. Classic? Who's to say? But Chainsaw and Dave alone make this movie totally worth watching. Like, totally!

    But seriously, see the movie.

  • Slutface

    No. Somebody stop him!

  • sarahspy

    um you def need to see it! important foundational background for you as an editor of this site! plus its so much fun. i think its a terrible idea to remake it, and i dont particularly trust sandler to.

  • http://twitter.com/joshung Joshua Ungerleider

    Summer School is one of those movies where if you are just having a lazy day and stay inside watching TV, that you leave on for 5 minutes, waiting until something better comes on, then end up watching the whole move anyway. I don't know if its good or bad, but it serves.

    They should cast Courtney Thorne Smith as the adult love interest, to keep continuity with the original, it will keep the rabid fan of the first movie satisfied.

  • Joshua Kurp

    Any movie with a dog wearing sunglasses is a movie worth seeing.