Friday, April 6th, 2012

Community's Ratings Honeymoon is Over

These last couple of weeks have been pretty great for Community, which saw its ratings shoot up higher than ever before. But alas, what goes up, must come down — at least on NBC. Last night's (really great) episode lost a whole lot of last week's audience, hitting a season-low of a 1.3 rating and 3.1 million viewers. But hey, it could be worse for our friends from Greendale: every NBC show hit its season low last night, meaning Community still won the night for the peacock. And it's kind of tough to justify giving the axe to Community for a 1.3 when 30 Rock had a 1.2 and Up All Night had a 1.1 (The Office was a repeat, yet again). Silver linings?

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  • Piss Cop

    Man I can't wait for Up All Night's season to be over so Parks and Rec can come back.

    • http://www.crasstalk.com Swifter

      @Piss Cop Parks & Rec for the win, for sure. Come back, Aubrey Plaza, I miss you!

  • theBULL

    It didn't help that the first few episodes of Community weren't all that great. Sucks because this week's episode I liked a lot. I wonder what caused the big drop across the NBC shows?