Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Dan Harmon vs. Chevy Chase: the Plot Thickens

TMZ is reporting that in the public fight between Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase, a big chunk of Community staffers have taken Chevy's side:

Now, sources who work on the show tell us … "What Dan Harmon did was f**ked up … Chevy is a pleasure to work with."

We're told … many people on set feel the "dispute" that took place between the two men during the taping of the season finale was blown out of proportion by Harmon … because Chevy was "very respectful." …

One source tells us, "What Dan did was embarassing and left a sour taste in all of our mouths … so low class."

The source adds, "The staff was not pissed at Chevy … we're pissed at Dan. We all hope Chevy comes back next season."

I will say that as someone who knows none of the parties involved and was not present for any of this business, the combo of starting a "Fuck Chevy" chant at the wrap party and then playing that voicemail in public comes off as a one-two punch of going too far. But hopefully the two of them can get past this and to a place where Pierce Hawthorne is still a student at Greendale. After the #sixseasonsandamovie push, to lose a main castmember over such petty-sounding fighting would be a sad thing indeed. Kiss and make up, boys. We're all adults here.

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  • beermestrength

    I stopped reading at "TMZ is reporting"…not really, I read the whole thing. But wouldn't it have been a great start to my comment?

    Chevy is known for being difficult to work with and Dan's wrap party rant was not in retaliation to the one incident, but rather three seasons of dealing with an aging prima donna who has reportedly walked off and locked himself in his trailer on more than one occasion. And did Dan go too far? Probably. I doubt there is an easy way to effectively tell Chevy to quit being a stubborn asshole though. And seeing as Harmon is also notoriously a stubborn asshole, I don't see him all of a sudden starting to treat this situation more seriously. For them to get past this "feud" one of them will have to concede to the other…and I don't really see that happening.

    Sadly that may result in a season 4 without Pierce. Will the show wither and die without him? Absolutely not. But there will definitely be something missing from the show that can't be replaced. Even if they try to with Leonard…which I would be all for Leonard joining the group.

    • Gil Bates

      @beermestrength I stopped reading at "I stopped reading at 'TMZ is reporting.'"

  • Stephen Sparky Parker@facebook

    Why can't all the Schmitties get along!

  • chris chris

    After I posted my comment yesterday on how Chevy should thank his lucky Fletch money that Harmon gave him a chance to become relevant again, I did some digging on this "fued." And it seems like both parties involved are equally at fault to some degree. Let's hope they don't "Britta" it and Community can go back to the shiny happy dysfunctional place that I imagine it to be in my heart.

    • chris chris

      @chris chris – by "fued", I mean "feud" #spellingfail

    • Piss Cop

      @chris chris "gimme fued gimme fire gimme dabajabazaa!" – Metallica

  • Luke Charles Pohjala@twitter

    I'm starting to think this is just a stunt to get more viewers.

  • doggans

    Ah, is there any more dubious phrase than "TMZ sources"?

    Whatever the dispute is, my ignorant and selfish fanboy impulse is to side with Dan. Because while Community without Chevy would be a little sad, Community without Dan wouldn't be Community.

  • BonzoGal

    I find the comments about Chevy's lack of talent confusing. Is he the reason I watch Community? No, but he's one of them. Each of the cast members contributes a different type of comedy. Chevy's speciality is physical comedy, and some of the biggest guffaws I've gotten from the show have been from him silently dealing with some physical bit. (The broken soft-serve machine, drinking ink, trampolining with both joy and malice.) His eulogy for his father was also one of the funniest moments of this season.

    I'd miss Pierce. Leonard is funny and I'd love to see more of him (or a whole episode from his POV), but Chevy is a plus for the show.

    And any man who can put up with being named "Fat Brando" for a whole show, and then accepting "Fat Burt Reynolds from Boogie Nights" is a pro.

  • cudidup

    Sure Leonard the character is hilarious; but I think it's more the lines he gets to say while looking old as shit. As an actor, the guy is mediochre compared to Chevy Chase.
    It must also be annoying for Chevy to see how his character is at Harmons mercy, and Harmon, being the meta-guy guy he is, can let all his frustration with Chevy out on Pierce, pushing the character so far that he alienates many fans.
    I can see how, from Chase's stand-point, that must feel like constant degradation; it wouldn't be impossible to give the character some redeeming qualities, after all…

  • http://www.twitter.com/mattvisconage Matt Visconage

    If Dan and Chevy do kiss and make up it maybe we can finally get that Community porn parody we've all been waiting for.

  • John Musco@facebook

    This website's excessive love for "Community" has just about turned me off from the show. To be clear, I rented and watched the first two seasons in their entirety and watched all of season 3 prior to the hiatus. You guys just smothered and killed it for me.

    You seem to really love comedy, but when it comes to "Community" you just can't keep things in perspective.

    • bard

      @John Musco@facebook
      This site isn't the only one who just gushes over Community, but it's turned me off as well. Well that, and the fact that the show hasn't been good since halfway through season two. I don't know how someone who watched the first season, and the first part of season two, could say that the show is still good. It's just not funny anymore.

    • Piss Cop

      @John Musco@facebook You and bard both allow other people's tastes to dictate your own?