Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Daniel Tosh Starts Disgusting, Awful Movement

Yep, no. By successfully curating videos of people being idiots or jerks, Daniel Tosh has acquired a position of power on the Internet. Rachel Sklar points out, for some reason, he’s decided to use said power to encourage dudes to “Lightly Touching Women's Stomachs While They're Sitting Down.” You can see why he could think it’s funny as it’s awkward, irreverent, and mean; however, it’s not funny – it’s incredibly offensive and vaguely rapey. You’d imagine at some point while slowly creeping behind an unexpected woman, he’d realize that he’s basically molesting strangers.

It’s gross enough to grope people just to make fun of how they aren’t anorexic, but it’s millions times worse to then tell others to do it. Three million times worse to be specific, which is how many people regularly watch Tosh.0. Rest not assured, many people are heeding Tosh’s grotesque call to action. We aren’t going to link to any of those YouTube clips as to not increase their views but it’s definitely happening. With so much Internet to mine, it’s unbelievable that he would resort to telling his fans to lightly touch women’s stomachs and that Comedy Central would allow it. Now if he told his audience to lightly touch a kitten's stomach, we’d be all for it.

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  • Kat Burdick


    I could NOT hate a comedy video "movement" more. Touching women without their permission is super dupes uncool. If it happens in front of me the video will transition from "lightly touching women's stomachs" to a whole new, much more thoroughly violent meme.

    Thanks for writing it up, linking Rachel Sklar's essay and helping spread the word that it's wicked shitty.

  • Jessica Stephens@twitter

    Thanks for writing this. I personally don't care for Daniel Tosh, but I get that funny is in the eye of the beholder. But touching women who don't want you to touch them and encouraging others to do the same really falls into "What the fuck is wrong with you?" territory.

  • Piss Cop

    Unfunny jerkoff asks dummies who watch his pointless show that tells you what clips to watch on the internet to fondle strangers in public.

    I'm sure women needed and desperately wanted another thing to have to worry about when they want to get a cup of coffee or go to work.

  • Cocktails & Kimonos@twitter

    @Piss Cop what's your definition of funny?

    • gth

      Here's a tosh.0 episode on YouTube-

      This whole page of PMS could be resolved by watching the first second of the video. Let me walk you through the highlights:
      ""tosh.0 features videos from the internet…"" <– that right there should give you a clue about quality of content, level of humour or at least the general theme of the show.
      ""…is intended for a mature audience."" <– i.e. use common sense when viewing. Somewhat missing in the comments here, although some people have somehow grasped that touching someone without their permission would probably not be funny.
      ""[comedy central] discourages anyone from attempting [the activities performed]"" <– similar to folks watching Laurel and Hardy are expected to understand that jokes involving smacking people with ladders should not be repeated in real life, because that would be 'dumb' and against one's common sense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ben-Worcester/818292220 Ben Worcester

    Just like Soupy Sales! Only with more v-neck. Oh, and molesting.
    reference –

  • Elizabeth Laime@facebook

    I would want to grope Tosh's dick in retaliation if I didn't know for a fact that he has an inny.

  • PandaPandaPandaPanda

    Any publicity is good publicity. And you think tosh is afraid of looking like an ass to gain publicity? Remember who we're talking about. So by writing about it here, and by commenting here, you're playing into it and supporting him. Good job ladies! He certainly just won this round thanks to you.

    • Hipster Problems@twitter

      @PandaPandaPandaPanda what would you have us do? remain silent when idiots are on the offense?

    • Eric Morrel@twitter

      @Hipster Problems@twitter "Idiots" are always "on the offense" and angry, half-threatening words do not make people stop doing stupid things.

    • http://www.facebook.com/danica.m.stone Danica Stone

      "Remember, ladies, whether you accept unwanted touches wordlessly, or speak out against them, you always lose!"

  • PandaPandaPandaPanda
  • DougZ@twitter

    Oh boo hoo. People are too sensitive. I wonder if all the bald men are going to complain next week if he tells his audience to do a "Benny Hill slap" on any hairless heads they see.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eamontoplease Eamon Doyle

      They'd be right to.

    • MillyQPublic

      He'd never do that. That might make men feel insecure!

  • dwinn

    two words: "over" and "reaction."

    • http://www.facebook.com/eamontoplease Eamon Doyle

      "Overreaction" is one word.

  • Jason Farr@facebook

    It's not an overreaction. They are right. This isn't any way to treat a lady.
    I wonder what Tosh would say if someone said to go up to all previously balding men and check their scalp to see if they're wearing a toupee or not while making it very obvious what you're doing. Don't think Tosh would be sensitive to this? Then why did he get his balding head fixed up to begin with?
    It's always easy to assail these women because YOU don't have to deal with what they do. Grow a pair and man up. That involves treating women with respect. Period.

  • Jessica Stephens@twitter

    I'm assuming Daniel Tosh and some of the commenters here find women super mysterious.

  • PeaceBang

    Great way to trigger trauma for women who are survivors of molestation and rape. I love Tosh, but this is really sick and uncool. It is also illegal. I know many women for whom this kind of boundary violation would send into full-out panic attack or violent self-protection mode. Any guy who tries this deserves whatever retaliation he gets, whether physical or legal. If a strange man touched my stomach, I would grab his arm, twist it until broken, and have someone call 911 so I could press charges. Some ostensibly unassuming comedy targets are actually black belts, boys. 

    • TheGenYgirl

      This isn't about triggering trauma. It's about humiliating women for having stomach fat which naturally makes itself present when a woman is sitting. Even the most in shape of women have a little stomach pooch usually when they sit, and most typical women probably have quite a bit more even if they look okay standing up.

      This is about making fun of women's insecurity. It's really not that bad. Just not something that a guy should do if he ever wants to have sex with a female.

      • lori3288


      • MillyQPublic

        The reason it's not OK is because there is not a male equivalent and this is why ladies are pissed off about stuff all the time. because you treat us like you feel you should be treated in all of the negative ways, but none of the positive ones.

      • Anne_Hedonia

        Wait – TheGenYgirl – you're the one loves it when strangers walk up and stick their fingers in your mouth, right? I know it for a fact.
        …oh wait, no I don't. Because I'm not you, and have no idea what your life has been like. For all I know, you were molested when you were very young, by a trusted friend of your dad's, and for some pervy, weird reason, he liked to stick his fingers in your mouth, and as you sit at your desk eating lunch your mind sometimes shuttles you back into that feeling of being totally, completely vulnerable and betrayed, and though you went through a Vodka-and-cocaine phase for years that you've only just begun to climb out of to put your life back on track, no amount of alcohol or pills or blow erases the unwelcome sense-memory and once again you can TASTE the sweat and Parliaments and fear, and hear his little snicker as the camera clicked and tears start to well up in your eyes but DAMN IT, you're at work; and you are a fighter – you don't believe in dwelling, why won't these memories STOP, you'll have to suck it up because you have three more hours at the dead-end job which is the only one you were able to get because see above re: years of ignoring school and trying to drown these horrific memories in pills and blow ad booze; but you ARE a fighter and NOT a victim so you pull yourself together and finish your lunch, and you start working on the spreadsheet that's due at 4 today, but what's that noise behind you – wait – who's giggling – and then it happens – a hand slides in front of you, your chair creaks as someone leans over you from behind, the hand darts to your face, and Chad's friend Kip jumps in front of you with a huge grin on his face and yells DO IT, CHAD, DO IT!!!! – and then Chad SLIDES HIS FINGER INTO YOUR MOUTH and laughs.

        Which was made all the more humiliating when Chad sent the video to Tosh.0, a record of a moment of what for YOU was soul-crushing debasement and a slap in the face of your hopes to heal and feel better about yourself; but for Chad and Kip and Tosh and all the Bros and Janes who are just bored, man, and need a laff in their boring-ass day was SO funny, dude, just epic hilarity.

    • irrenmann

      You'd go straight to jail, and he wouldn't.

  • Guest

    There's a lot of people getting butt hurt over this… or a tummy ache. One or the other..

  • Getthesandoutofyourvag

    Wow… can't believe how many cry babies are on here… the guy is a COMEDIAN, comedy is in his job title! its a satirical joke (which is what he is famous for btw) and the reaction people are giving to it is so unbelieveably sexist that I can't help but laugh harder at how stupid you all are. THAT'S why it's funny, because if it were called "lightly touch a guys stomach" no one would react at all but because it's women all the idiots get up in arms over something that is CLEARLY a stupid idea. The humor isn't coming from the idea itself, the humor comes from knowing how dumb people will react to that idea.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eamontoplease Eamon Doyle

      How is it satirical?

  • TornEternity

    How were you allowed to become a writer for anything.  This article is awful. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/danica.m.stone Danica Stone

      Is this contextless insult the "lightly touching your stomach" for writers?

  • Bri

    Good God get a grip girl, it is not that serious. I'm a woman and Im not this upset. He said lightly touch a womens stomach not harshley grope her boobs and anyway he said nothing about doing it to strangers so I see no problem if you were to go up to like your friend and do that,I bet no one would complain if he said lightly touch a mans stomach right? So take a chill pill or something and and if you don't like him don't watch him. Simple as that.

  • Hulksmash

    I dunno, I welcome any stranger to touch my gut. I love a good excuse to punch someone in the face.

  • Jake Coucoules

    Obviously a woman wrote this because of how stupid it is and they are either fat or have friends that are fat because normal size people dont care if people touch there stomachs.

    • LA

      Oh my word, please do not ever procreate, you absolute waste of oxygen.

  • http://smcwrites.wordpress.com/ Smcwrites

    I'm finding it strange that a lot of people are saying men wouldn't mind – most of the guys I know would mind A LOT, it's not just a woman thing, it's a person thing. If someone comes up to you and touches you any where, even "lightly", and you don't like it quite often that person is in danger of some sort of retaliation – that's why people don't usually run around touching strangers. 

  • guest

    It's not that creepy, he knows these women and they know he's a famous comedian and he's trying to be weird. Now you go out and do this at night in the park to a woman who does not know you and wait for the assault charges. 

  • Glibby

    I would kick his stupid ass…….

  • Makaa

    Oh my god. I can't believe you guys are actually thinking this is serious. He's a comedian, he's joking.
    Do you REALLY think he would do that? Come on. Yes, it's wrong, but it's a joke that's meant to take lightly.

  • Nathan

    stick to molesting your friends and family and it should be fine

  • Rick Bastardly

    He knows that people are dumb enough to try this. He is trolling.

  • Nate

    Interesting attempt at outrage generation … nowhere in the segment does Tosh either imply or state that he's doing this to strangers.  Sure, he's being a jerk, but he's being a jerk to women he already knows.

    • Anne_Hedonia

      That's a relief. Because people are totally fine with people sneaking up and touching us without warning or permission, as long as it's someone we know. #truefact #ohfortheloveofsweetfuckingbutteryCHRIST

  • Ewart

    I think it was Soupy Sales who years ago had a daytime tv show for children, and during an episode asked the kids to get into daddy's wallet or mommy's purse and snatch all the money they found and mail it to ole Soupy at his studio address.  He was inundated with responses, and cash.  Parents were outraged, and I think Soupy got suspended or even fired.  Of course, it revealed that even in the early years of tv parents had no idea what their litte mites were watching on the tube, and until this incident apparently didn't care. 

    • JL Ohly

      Shel Silverstein did that with Uncle Shelby's ABZs. That book was absolutely not for kids, though.

  • Bubba Gump

    As usual, the joke goes right over the humanity's collective dumb head. This guy gets laughs by showing people are idiots, and good lord, if you're stupid enough to do what he says you're just another one. The jokes on you fool-ass critics for taking it seriously.

    • MillyQPublic

      The problem is that the stupid people who watch this show will do this stupid thing because he said it might be funny. Like it or not, he has a big stupid following and they will do any stupid thing he tells them to do. This is not OK

    • Anne_Hedonia

      Thank god we have Tosh to point out that people are idiots. I mean, how would we even know, otherwise?! He's like some kind of Knowledge Dispensing Human Idiocy Messiah. I don't care what he does, as long as he keeps doling out that sweet, buttery wisdom. For fuck's sake.

  • TheBellTollsForMe

    It's dumb, but I don't seem to remember a big outrage when Ellen ran a little stunt where she encouraged women to dance/grind up against an unsuspecting victim and then video tape it.

    (spoiler alert:  neither are funny and rely entirely on the fact that it's "wacky" to eke out laughter)

    • MillyQPublic

      Both are a wacky invasion of privacy, but how can you not see the difference between sexy dancing at someone (a compliment, even if unwelcome) and grabbing someone's embarrassing body part (an insult)?

  • kku

    He's a prince compared to Tig Notaro. She's a true sociopath — who has gotten a pass for whatever reasons.

  • Glennstar

    It would be ok if he asked to touch their stomach, but that is going a little far. I have seen clips of the show and I have no interest in watching. There is this guy on tv now who does quirky things, that Funny or Die Guym, Billy Eichner, who isn't as bad and he does offbeat things and often those are funny. If you want a good comic, go to Seinfeld or Louie Ck.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffry.joly.7 Jeffry Joly

    uuuh, what? terrible article.

    this was actually the most unoffensive thing the show has EVERY had. I mean yesterday you had eyeballs everywhere, throw up, and even a guy drinking horse semen…. You apparently have too much power on the internet to write about a silly "movement" of walking behind a girl and putting your hand on her tummy.

    "Why are you touching my tummy?"

    • MillyQPublic

      Eyeballs and vomit do not specifically target women.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hugo.rabson Hugo M M Rabson

    Perhaps he saw "Bamboozled" and thought, "Hey, this could be fun in real life."

  • lori3288

    Molestation. Sexual harrassment. Plain and simple. If he wasn't a T.V. host, he'd probably be a rapist. Somebody get this f*cking creep off the air.

  • Bobmyknob

    Jesus you people are so uptight. It's not that big of a deal and to even use rape in any form to describe what is happen is negligent to say the least in its own right.

  • adam

    Most unfunny and uptight thing I have ever seen on a comedy site. More proof Belushi was right women just are not funny. And neither is most of toshes gags. This one included, its the stupid people on there that keep me watching. To militant victim feminists everywhere get over yourself.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eamontoplease Eamon Doyle

      Jesse David Fox is a man, dumbass.

  • crash0987

    This style or arguement is old and over used. To simply think that someone will automatically do what Daniel Tosh or anyone else for that matter tells them is absurd. That arguement could be used in reverse, people who assault women don't need a comedian to tell them to do it they simply just do it. We as human beings always look for an excuse to explain someone's actions instead of simply accepting that someone is resposible for their own actions.

    • MrNumbers

      Annnd four words until the first glaring spelling error.

      Thank you for playing "Who's the sucker?", we hope to never see you again.

      The consolation prize was going to be a shred of dignity but you already lost that in the lightning round.

  • Fuck Feminism

    Oh jesus christ you fuckin soccer mom pussies. Quit being a god damn cry baby and take a fucking joke you cunt rags

  • toadly toad

    Hey, you know what would really be funny? If one of those women was carrying a pistol and shot Tosh in the nuts. Will he show that on TV? Huh? Will he will he will he? OOOOH, let's have some good satire!

    • MillyQPublic

      Might be even funnier if, like, five guys ran up behind him and flipped off his toupee right now.

  • Admiral Snackbar

    I'll tell you guys a little story. I'm a guy, and one Thanksgiving a couple years back, my uncle grabbed my stomach to make fun of the weight I had gained. He wasn't aware that weight was due to a medication I was on, but it didn't really matter. I ended up decking him right then and there. Was not my best Thanksgiving.

    The point being, while doing this to women, who are routinely made to feel lousy about their weight, is obviously a terrible idea and carries a whole bunch of creepy rapiness with it, it's a dumb idea to do to anyone. The likelihood is that you WILL be punched. There are other overly sensitive, crazy people like me out there. Probably more than you want to think.

    • Anne_Hedonia

      I think you're terrific. No snarko; for real.

  • robingee

    Yeeeeeeah you don't put your hands on strangers. Ever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MickDanger Mike Marino

    Not a fan of Tosh, but…maybe comedy (in general) just isn't for a lot you folks here.

  • JBreezy

    I don't know if you realized this, but all of the examples of women shown in that clip were his friends and did not look offended in the least because of one very important attribute that most people should own: a sense of humor.

    • Anne_Hedonia

      Yeah, it's definitely not that thing where in social situations, when something uncomfortable happens and people laugh, you just go along because it's way easier and less long-run-pain-in-the-assy to just pretend you're fine with what's happening, even though you're actually feeling really humiliated and picked-on. Couldn't be that.

  • Real Person

    BELLY TOUCHING IS RAPE. Go fuck yourself.

  • Kimberly

    Who said anything about touching strangers? Couldn't it just be a partner, friend etc.? The person who wrote this is so prude. Sounds like an american feminist/christian type… sigh.

  • Tony

    Jesus, people – grow a f@cking sense of humor

  • brian

    How are you allowed to write for a comedy site when you don't have a sense of humor?

  • jesus'spimp

    Tosh never said to do it to strangers, most people who do it are doing this to friends. Friends shit on friends in a way that is kind of peculiar. Dont go and restate that he is telling people to go and molest strangers. If you want to talk about molesting people look at the game he created called "slap lick fondle". haha, it is mean spirited but I have friends that do mean spirited things all the time and I do it back. I think its fine but the author is openeing herself, im assuming, to great ridicule should tosh see this, and care. its also not a disrespect thing, I have read others comments talking about what seems too be the implication that a stranger will be doing this which is the biggest issue. That is classic, misdirectional smokescreen by the author. He never said "touch a strangers tummy, molesting her". this is the most common misconception. Virtually slander if you ask me.
    PS dont reply to me because i dont care and wont even recieve it let alone reply

  • Susan

    This is possibly the most petty, idiotic and neurotic bunch of comments that I have ever read on the internet. Lighten up folks you are all going to die.