Paul Feig Wrote a Scene for the Movie About that Super Freak/Geek, Spider-man

Paul Feig is good friends with Amazing Spider-Man Director Marc Webb (they must have met at the four-letter first and last name club on Wilshire and La Brea) and as good friends are wont to do, Feig wrote a high school scene for Webb’s giant huge summer blockbuster. It’s perfect a fit, as it’s obvious the man knows how to write teenagers, considering he created and wrote Freaks & Geeks, and all. We are very excited to bring you an exclusive excerpt from the script of that scene, in which Spider-Man brags about his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), to Harry Osborn (played by James Franco who is only appears in this scene):

Spider-man: Hey, I heard Kim got an “A” on her Western Civics exam.
Spider-man: Oh no, that was my girlfriend. Hmm, but did you know that Gwen got detention for flipping off her gym teacher?
Spider-man: No, wait, that was your girlfriend! Hmm.
Harry Osborn: I heard that Kim hit you really hard in the chest.
Harry Osborn: No wait. That was me.
Harry Osborn:  [slams Spider-Man in the chest and walks away]
Spider-Man: Wow, that was really hard. [webs home and plays lots of drums]

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