Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Fred Armisen Would Be Happy for Departing SNL Cast-mates "if" They Departed

Who said there were SNL cast-members leaving? Nobody. Not me. Oh wait, I mean, EVERYBODY. There have been rumors all year that certain people (definitely Jason Sudeikis, Kristen Wiig, and Andy Samberg, if not more) were leaving but no one is allowed to say for sure, which has caused this interesting trend where everyone says really sweet, wistful things about them but adds an "if" to the front of it. Like, "IF she leaves, I'm really going to miss Kristen. What she has been able to do on the show is historic. It was such a joy to work with her…which I look forward to continuing to do, maybe." Yesterday, Fred Armisen offered his own spin on it:

"I would feel sad – I love them, they're my family." He continued, "I've known them a long time. But I would say it's time. I'd be happy for them because they're doing what they want to do."

A classic move by someone who has been around long enough to see a few cast-members leave. He "would say it's time" but he's not saying it's time. Hopefully, a reporter will ask Vanessa Bayer soon, she looks like someone who wouldn't be good at lying.

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  • http://videoshare.tumblr.com Firas Alexander

    Hey Jesse,
    I'm curious to find out where this quote is from? An article or interview? Did he say this to you personally? Would it be possible to get some attribution up in these guts? Because I was wondering if there was anything more to what he said. Thanks.

  • gnarkiller

    Firas, I don't know how you missed the link directly above his quote, but it's there.

  • http://videoshare.tumblr.com Firas Alexander

    That phrase didn't show up as a hotlink for me or I maybe I did miss it I guess.