The Daily Show Asks, Who’s the Funnier Presidential Candidate, The Nerd or The Rich Uncle?

Caring about politics is like sleeping in the afternoon: it should be left to college students and old people. But caring about which candidate will say the funnier quip when pressing the button that destroys Bolivia, that’s for everybody. The Daily Show tackles this issue, the most important issue, by going to the tape. President Obama is the confident performer, selling out theaters, killing the crowd by tagging his punchlines with a smirk or mug to the audience. Romney is the grizzled club guy, insulting his audience, trying to squeeze out laughs wherever he can. I think Prezzy O has the edge just because he has more races he can comfortably play with. And he can always pull out, “Have you heard the one where a white lady from Kansas and an African man walk into a bar in Hawaii?”

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