Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Portland Mayoral Candidate Parodies Portlandia, Complete with Fred and Carrie Lookalikes

Here's a new campaign ad from Portland mayor wannabe Eileen Brady entitled "Put a Job on It." Subtle!

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  • http://www.kibblesmith.com Kibblesmith

    It's a good thing Rule #1 of Hipsters is "They are easily swayed by thinly veiled attempts at imitating the thing they like."

    Oh wait, that's *not* Rule #1 of Hipsters? OH NO

  • Brian Boone

    But the whole point of Portland is not having a job!

  • Archie Oogley

    I'm not gonna defend their obvious referencing of Portlandia (nice touch with the animated birds at the end), but in their defense, *everything* here looks like that. It's the current 'Portland' aesthetic, like grunge was or Mods and their Vespas. Please trust me on this. I lived here in the 90s, then moved back a few years ago. And I see it every fucking day that I go outside.

    • http://www.kibblesmith.com Kibblesmith

      @Archie Oogley So wait, what came first, the backyard chicken or the unpasteurized egg?

    • Archie Oogley


      I'd say it was the egg. People here LOVE their back yard chickens (especially the more recent NE transplants, who think they "discovered" Portland circa 2008), but the hippie co-ops have been here a lot longer. For example, the People's Food Co-op on SE 21st has been around since 1970, and has a selection that would make most Whole Food shoppers drool.