Friday, April 13th, 2012

Ricky Gervais Has Entered the "Fuck U H8ers" Portion of his Career

Gervais is kind of becoming the Kanye West of comedy, as both are prolific, incredibly successful, continuously lauded geniuses with heavy crown issues. So when a few people pointed out that his new character, Derek, might be offensive to the mentally disabled, he puffed out his chest and started railing against his detractors. In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live he said, “Every single week has been the end of my career if you believe six or seven journalists. It makes no difference to me or my work. I don't care if people like it or not. I'm happy with it.” Listen to the audio here.

Dear Mr. Gervais, we are happy you are happy. You’ve done a great job making funny things for us to consume, we don’t hate you – we love you – no one really hates you. Next time you’re in the states, any one of us will gladly buy you a pint (that’s what you call beer, right?). Love, your fans (which is basically everybody).

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  • Tyler Huckabee@facebook

    False. I almost hate Ricky Gervais. He is very funny, I think, but he's been so hellbent on being shocking and provocative and "atheist" (Oooooh!) lately that I just don't have patience to wade through all that for the actual comedy anymore. Patton Oswalt said something recently about how amateur comedians make fun of everyone else, but the real pros realize that they're the idiots that need to be made fun of. It's something Gervais used to understand that has gotten totally lost in his celebrity.

  • tommy k

    Over here in the UK, his stock is at an all-time low. Life's Too Short got absolutely slated by the press and the ratings for it were an embarrassment. Even other comics are openly criticising him now. He's become our equivalent of Dane Cook.
    I was a fan of his until a couple of years but now I'm sick of the sight of him.
    In regards to 'Derek', it aired over here last night and it was pretty awful, just base-level slapstick combined with mawkish sentimentality.
    It's worth noting that the character of Derek originated in a live show he did years ago, pre-The Office, called 'Rubbernecker' in which he was portrayed as a schoolyard 'spastic' impression, designed to be deliberately offensive.
    I recommend the UK comedy website Cookd and Bombd's thread about this show as a helpful guide to how bad and ill-advised this latest offering from Gervais is:


  • beermestrength

    "Gervais is kind of becoming the Kanye West of comedy"

    Done. That's the whole article. Perfect.

  • Victor

    The hate and bile tossed at Gervais from some people is incredible, and only increasing. His crime? Being very succesful whilst making comedy they don't like. How DARE he!

  • http://www.nathansmart.com Nathan Smart

    Yeah, Ricky is hated in the UK at least by comedy nerds. The Cook's and Bomb'd people are ruthless in their hatred of the main and really they are just assholes about it. I don't care if you don't like the man's work but don't pretend you didn't think he was a genius years earlier when he made The Office. Those guys have retroactively put The Office on blast all because Gervais is kind of a twat in real life. I agree about Life's Too Short but The Office is the best 8 hours of TV pretty much ever. And I remember when you loved him for it. Hate the man if you want CnB, but don't slag off what you once went for.

    I guess I feel the same way about CnB as they do about Gervais. Whiny babies who love to see their words on a computer.

  • beermestrength

    @Victor No I like his comedy for the most part and believe his success is well deserved. I just think he is personally a conceited asshole.

    I've only seen snippets of the new show, Derek, and regardless of it being insensitive to the mentally handicapped (and infamously easy targets in the elderly)the humor comes across as lazy. "I made The Office and Extras! I can do no wrong! To prove that, I'm going to comb my hair different and make a silly face for 30 minutes and everyone will love it!"

  • Victor

    @beermestrength I wasn't aiming my remark at you, but generally; and it's clear there is a lot of remarkable hate for the man. Though why you would class him as an 'asshole' is beyond me, oddly personal verbal attack.

    Having seen all of Derek, I have to say it's not really insensitive, it's almost over the top in it's desire to be warm hearted and kind; if Gervais wasn't so mannered in his performance, there'd be no controversy at all.

    @nathan Smart avoid CnB like the plague, a nest of vile, snobbish, miserable folk.

  • Salvador Dalai Llama

    In Gervais's defense, here's a line for an interview he did with a disability rights advocate: "If he [the character] had any specific and defined disability I would either get an actor with that disability to play the role or I would make sure I was an expert in that disability and the best person for the job."