Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Seth MacFarlane Is a Bong-Smoking Teddy Bear in the Red Band Trailer for Ted

Here's the red band trailer for Ted, Seth MacFarlane's movie directing debut about a man and his walking, talking teddy bear. It's got a real Wilfred vibe about it, especially the bong-on-the-couch scene, with the big difference being that everyone can actually see Ted walking around — he's not a figment of Wahlberg's imagination. The whole sassy talking animal/alien thing that MacFarlane loves to do is easy to buy in a cartoon, but it might be a harder sell in a live-action movie. What do you think?

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  • regisphilbdog

    Seth MacFarlane isn't pumping out enough comedy already with 3 TV shows on the air?

  • theBULL

    I had a hard time watching the whole trailer.

    • Thebeeker

      Watch it again, but this time tell your grandpa to stop cornholeing you so you can pay attention.  

  • I'm Gary@twitter

    A lot funnier than Family Guy has been for the past four years.

    • Nick Taylor@twitter

      @I'm Gary@twitter Fun fact. American Dad has been funnier than Family Guy for the past four years.

    • I'm Gary@twitter

      @Nick Taylor@twitter It's America's best kept secret. I love how funny that show got after its clumsy first season.

  • Steve Austine@twitter

    I laughed the whole way through. Can't wait to see it.