Friday, April 13th, 2012

We Might Hear Werewolf Bar Mitzvah Performed Live on April 26th

Community’s Donald Glover will play a young Tracy Jordan on the live 30 Rock later this month. Fun! Right? Right! The Don of Gloves was a writer on the show for it’s first three seasons, until he quit to pursue performing. Days later he audition for Community and that turned out okay. It’s a nice story, where we get to picture our favorite funny people as friends. Hopefully, he’ll also get to reprise his role as rushed PA from season 1:

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  • laura jayne martin@twitter

    Spooky Scary! Yes!

  • B Westof@twitter

    The time travel implications of young Tracy Jordan traveling to the future to serve as a PA on the show is an interesting new direction to the show. Inspector Spacetime cross-over?

  • Heather Seebach@facebook

    Glover also made a hilarious cameo in the episode where Tracy gives a graduation speech to college students. He points out the "gay kid" and Donald, very effeminate, says, "Who told?" I laughed SO hard!