Apatow Produced Pee-Wee Herman Movie to Start Filming Very Soon

While at an event promoting the Disney animated series TRON: Uprising, Paul Reubens updated Collider on the new Judd Apatow produced Pee-Wee Movie:

As far as I know, it’s getting shot very soon. I actually wasn’t supposed to talk about it, initially. I was talking about it in this very veiled, secretive way, saying, “Oh, I wish I could talk about it.” A journalist figured out that it was Judd Apatow that I was talking about because my writing partner was in the audience and he’s written so much with Judd. So, it got leaked about six months to a year before it was supposed to.

The writing partner he’s referring to is the very, very funny comedian, actor, UCB fixture Paul Rust. It’s about time for another Pee-Wee adventure and this seems like the perfect scenario for it.

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