Finally, You Can Look Just Like Louie and Louis

Yes, this is a picture of a black t-shirt. But it’s not just any black t-shirt. This is a Louie inspired black t-shirt that can be purchased on FX’s website for $24.95 plus tax and shipping. The description reads:

Sometimes the ordinary black t-shirt becomes iconic when it’s worn by a figure that’s larger than life, as is the case with the Inspired by Louie Black T-Shirt. When you want to be heard, keep the unimportant things – like what you’re wearing – discreet, so the important things – like your words, can be heard. The Inspired by Louie Black T-shirt is a place to start.

Yep. This might be a joke but considering you can actually buy the thing, it doesn’t seem like a joke, which makes it an even better joke, if it was a joke, which it probably isn’t, maybe. Either way, it’s never too early to start Halloween shopping. After this shirt, all you’d need is to buy part of a red wig and to write a sign that says, “I’m dressed as Louis C.K.’s character Louie from the television show Louie.” All your new friends will be impressed by your use of italics in a handwritten sign. [Via]

UPDATE: FX has taken down the page to buy the “Inspired by Louie Black T-shirt.” This move makes it pretty clear that selling the shirt in the first place was definitely not a joke, which is actually pretty funny in an overzealous marketing department kind of way. FX has yet to offer an explanation or any suggestions of where to buy black t-shirts now.


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