Friday, May 11th, 2012

Just to Keep You Guessing, NBC Also Just Picked Up Dane Cook's Sitcom (and Renewed 'Whitney')

NBC, in addition to renewing basically all of their sitcoms with the exception of BFFs, Bent, and Are You There, Chelsea? (Whitney's second season just became official too!), has now picked up seven new comedies. The seventh? Next Caller Please, a single-camera sitcom from comedic pariah Dane Cook. Written and executive produced by Weeds' Stephen Falk, it'll be "a gender comedy that revolves around a brash alpha male DJ (Cook) and his feminist co-host (Collette Wolfe) set in the office of a satellite radio station." Now keep an open mind, people! This is the network that just renewed all of your favorite shows that nobody but you watches. They've earned you not immediately judging this yet.

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  • http://twitter.com/garbantee Tony Garbanzos

    Okay, okay, you make a good point.  I feel like after appearing on Louie and Maron's podcast, Dane Cook has earned the right to not be judged.

  • scrambledeggs

    Sounds like a bizarro world version of Frasier.

  • Kbinphx05

    why does everyone hate Dane Cook? oh yeah, its just guys that do.