Friday, May 11th, 2012

Let's Play with the 'Arrested Development' LEGO Set This Weekend

Matt De Lanoy created a custom LEGO set that recreates the entire Arrested Development universe, so if you ever wanted to build a model home model, now you can. It has everything: Gob on a Segway, a blue Tobias, a hook-handed Buster, and more and more and more. If it gets 10,000 supporters, the stair car will get mass produced so support, support, support. Check out more photos below (and here) and get your LEGO building fingers stretched:

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  • Marat

    It's GOB (pronounced like the biblical Job and comes from the initials of his name: George Oscar Bluth), not Gobe.

    Turn in your comedy fan card.

    • Craiglemonjello

      Yah and Job is pronounced J-O-B-E like Lobe or Toad or, in your case, perhaps a bit like chode. People who "like" you are even lamer than you; turn in your own card, you're as funny as mitt romney.