Friday, May 25th, 2012

Survey Says: Here Are Your Choices For the Best Comedies of the Season

We've been running a poll all this week allowing you to vote on which comedies you thought were the best of the year. And the results are in! And not terribly surprising!

Parks and Rec and Community were the clear favorites, with Happy Endings taking a strong third place. Following them were a number of worthy shows. Some notable tidbits from the results:

-There's not much love for The Office these days; it received a paltry 3 votes.
-The quickly cancelled BFFs beat out a number of heavy hitters, including How I Met Your Mother, Portlandia and South Park.
-Animated shows ranked in order: Archer, Bob's Burgers, American Dad, South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show.
-The only show to not receive a single vote was The Cleveland Show. Sorry, Cleveland!

Of course, this poll was far from scientific, so take it as you will. The real takeaway: TV comedy is great, and we're lucky to have so many shows to enjoy and argue about the worth of. Except for The Cleveland Show — nobody likes that.

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  • http://twitter.com/MatManz Matt Manzella

    Hell yeah, my top 3 were Parks and Rec, Modern Family and New Girl. Bob's Burgers and Don't Trust the Bitch in APT 23 are also tremendously funny and original shows. Can't wait for next season. 

  • Gymbaby713

    ok i havent seen archer or happy endings so i have no opinion. but i can say with certainty that 30 rock is better than new girl, no doubt. i think 30 rock should have been higher up on tha list because it really was awesome this year. 

  • Sadam Andler

    I miss the old Cleavland Brown from the early Family Guy seasons. He's just a disgusting caricature of his former self now. Poor Seth MacFarlane knows nothing about Black culture/mannerisms/humor.

  • thebull

    I don't understand these polls. I always see the results always missing a chance to vote. What's up Adam? Where do I go to vote for these polls. I check this site pretty regularly and never saw nothing 'bout no poll. 

  • jeffn

    Umm…. was "Louie" not in contention? That show's fairly legendary, no?