The Complete “Weird Al” Music Video Library

“Another Tattoo” (2011)

This parody of “Nothin’ On You” by B.o.B. (featuring Bruno Mars) is about a guy who keeps getting more and more bizarre tattoos. The video was made by Augenblick Studios (of Ugly Americans fame) and illustrates the man’s tats in a distinctive tattoo art style.

“Perform This Way” (2011)

This Grammy-nominated video almost never was thanks to the “Weird Al”/ Lady Gaga controversy that blew up last year. (They’ve seen patched things up.) Similarly to “Smells Like Nirvana,” Al gives us a satirical take on the performer, skewing Lady Gaga’s pseudo-shocking fashions and behavior. To get the effect in the video, Al’s head was superimposed on the bodies of a female dancer and contortionist using CGI. This is the first time Al’s ever played a woman in one of his videos and the second appearance by a Madonna impersonator (previously seen in “Like A Surgeon”).

“Polka Face” (2011)

This is Al’s only polka medley to receive a music video. Framed by Al performing on a mountaintop with a band of lederhosen-clad Yetis, the video uses a variety of animation styles for each segment and song.

Natalie Hazen is a writer in Los Angeles and can frequently be seen haunting Nerdist theatre.

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