Friday, June 8th, 2012

Bill Murray and His Hologram Begrudgedly Talk about 'Ghostbusters 3' and Chevy Chase

"That's the magic." No Bill, you're the magic. I know it was a bit and all but where can I buy tickets to see Bill Murray's hologram perform? Seriously. Just him tuning a banjo and putting in eye drops is enough. I guess it wasn't enough because Mr. Murray also talked about his reservations about a third Ghostbusters, Cannes, and fighting Chevy Chase. Watch those three clips below, while I keep on refreshing Ticketmaster looking for "Bill Murray Kinda Live and Kinda See-Through".

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  • http://twitter.com/mcamike Michael McAllister

    For the sight gag alone I would rupture my spleen laughing if "Community" opened next season with an episode where another elderly student, played by Murray, was trying to replace Pierce in the group.

    • BonzoGal

       You, sir, win the internet for that idea.

    • BaldBombshell

      The writers have said more than once that they want Murray to play Joel's father.

  • OneAngryFatMan

    I would love it, just one time, when I try to watch these Letterman videos on here that they actually play.  I get to watch advertisments no issue then when the video should be on BAM! "The video you have requested is unavalable or may have expired."  I hope splitsider makes some money off these adds that I watch for no reason….  Sorry I am just cranky today.