Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Louis C.K. Made Fun of Jay Leno's Funny Face; Is Going on Tour

In total, Leno has hosted the Tonight Show for about 19 years and last night Louis said what everyone has been thinking: Why is your face like that? It is such a weird combination of circles and points. Below Louis also talks about selling tickets to his next tour on his website, which he had announced online a few hours earlier. As he explained, he went around Ticketmaster with the hope of getting the ticket prices lower. He wrote on his site: "Tickets across the board, everywhere, are 45 dollars. That's what you'll actually pay. In every case, that will be less than anyone has actually paid to see me (after ticket charges) in about two years and in most cases it's about half of what you paid last year." He also plans on cracking down on people reselling the tickets. All in all, creating his own ticketing system forced his hand to play a different sort of venues. For example: If you're in New York, you'll get to discover the New York City Center, which apparently is a place. You can read his letter about the tour here and go through his tour dates and buy tickets here.  Some dates are already sold out, so let's all plan a trip to Fort Lauderdale on November 28th. We can have a second Thanksgiving.

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  • http://twitter.com/Gr8houseofHumor Z Ghouse

    People hate on Jay, but he's still sharp, getting some good jabs in there when Louis said he was the weirdest looking man on planet Earth. Great interview.

  • fivecolors

    That Jay's a sharp one. The bald crack and the Mr.Potato line, so sharp and incisive…..

  • Michael Kagan

    I've noticed Louie curses a lot on Leno… I've never understood why taped late night shows seemingly avoid cursing when it can be indemnifiably(?) bleeped, i.e.; I don't think the FCC can fine for bleeped words. I'm not saying leno should just start dropping f-bombs, but it seems like conscious evasion in most late night show's cases.