Monday, June 25th, 2012

Louis C.K. Was on The 'Today Show'; Is Comedy's Ketchup

This is a decidedly odd piece on Mr. C.K. Apparently, the fact that he curses is his most defining feature. Though, I think challenging him to do one completely clean special is a cool idea. He'll have to think of a really clever way to describe masturbating.

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  • http://twitter.com/wdeg Will DeGirolamo

    That conversation felt so strange, especially when Louis had to explain to her that going for a dirty joke is not a cheap laugh. It's like the reporter was projecting herself entirely onto Louis. Why send someone who knows nothing about comedy to do the report? Came out terribly.

    • http://twitter.com/OneOfManyIans Ian

      Most people think it's cheap, because they were told it was cheap by top rated clean comedians. Now they have a top rated comedian telling them it isn't cheap. And viewers that never thought about it can re-evaluate their understanding. Splitsider is the converted. This report wasn't about preaching to the choir.

      • http://twitter.com/wdeg Will DeGirolamo

        Yeah, that's true, and I understand that the audience is composed primarily of moms who don't know comedy, but I think it's the reporter's ego that really bothered me. It's like she was saying that Louie should do an hour of clean comedy just to prove that he can. Would anyone suggest that with any other medium, like art?

        "Hey, Picasso, that whole mouth on the forehead thing is great, but why don't you try some impressionism?"

        No, that would be ridiculous. It's just so strange to see that the reporter can't comprehend why he would continue to do dirty material because it's outside of what she believes in.

        That, and the fact that Louie has never been about doing dirty jokes for the sake of doing dirty jokes. He does what he thinks is funny and what he thinks will work. I don't think that was ever really confirmed, especially since the reporter ended the interview with that clean material anecdote.

      • http://twitter.com/OneOfManyIans Ian

        Post moved.

  • Williamkess

    Please watch this.  Thank you.

  • http://twitter.com/OneOfManyIans Ian

    Will DeGirolamo, I actually think she would say that to Picasso. She with a committee would write a script and she would stick to it. I'm not defending her so much as trashing her entire field of work. Packaging entertainment as news. Hoffman and Redford must be rolling in their graves. ;)
    (So, I'm kind of new to comments here. I guess I can't reply to you directly. And can't delete my failed posting)