Rob Corddry Discusses the Evolution of How He’s Written ‘Children’s Hospital’

In between discussing Seeking a Friend for the End of the World with Blackbook, Rob Corddry got into exactly what he hopes for when writing Children’s Hospital:

I don’t think of my sense of humor as being different. However, when I am writing something, like say Childrens Hospital which is all joke based, the ultimate goal is to come up with a completely unfamiliar joke. It’s next to impossible but when you are able to pull it off and there’s nothing more satisfying when you do. So I guess my sense of humor is trying not to copy, which is almost impossible not to do consciously in the world of comedy. Unless, of course, you’re Carlos Mencia.

(Zing!) He then pointed out how the show has changed since earlier in its run:

I watched House for the first time before we started doing the third season and that was a big inspiration. Now we’re kind of mocking drama in general, but now we tell stories a lot more. We used to be a joke delivery system and now I’ve realized that the best way to deliver a joke is to come up with your own story.

The second best way to deliver a joke is through clown makeup.

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