Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Shut the Fuck Up, Adam Carolla

Larry Getlen over at the Post interviewed Adam Carolla today, and, well, he didn't really hold back when it came to his feelings towards women in comedy:

The lesson you learned from a sexual harassment seminar was “Don’t hire chicks.” Do you hate working with women?

No. But they make you hire a certain number of chicks, and they’re always the least funny on the writing staff. The reason why you know more funny dudes than funny chicks is that dudes are funnier than chicks. If my daughter has a mediocre sense of humor, I’m just gonna tell her, “Be a staff writer for a sitcom. Because they’ll have to hire you, they can’t really fire you, and you don’t have to produce that much. It’ll be awesome.”

The “are women funny” debate has grown very contentious. You’re not worried about reactions to this?

I don’t care. When you’re picking a basketball team, you’ll take the brother over the guy with the yarmulke. Why? Because you’re playing the odds. When it comes to comedy, of course there’s Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, Kathy Griffin — super-funny chicks. But if you’re playing the odds? No.

If Joy Behar or Sherri Shepherd was a dude, they’d be off TV. They’re not funny enough for dudes. What if Roseanne Barr was a dude? Think we’d know who she was? Honestly.

I mean, I guess I'd ask the inverse question: if Adam Carolla wasn't a white dude, think we'd know who he was? Honestly.

You've gotta wonder what comedy he's watching these days if he really thinks that only the rare woman is funny enough to deign to entertain him. I mean, his go-to examples of unfunny women are Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd? No one is putting the ladies of The View up on the pedestal of high comedy. Also: how many sitcom writers rooms has he actually been a member of? The Man Show, Crank Yankers, Jimmy Kimmel Live (which has a female co-head writer, by the way), and the three months that Too Late with Adam Carolla was on the air. Those shows are enough experience to allow you to make a blanket statement about all women in all writers rooms ever?

It seems to me that when a majority of critically lauded network sitcoms have female leads and you are a person best known for being friends with Jimmy Kimmel, being on The Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars, and hosting a podcast, well, you should shut the fuck up about who's funny and who isn't.

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  • Rachel

    You are spot on, shut the fuck up Adam Corolla. I tried to listen to his podcast and then my ears started bleeding.  He just isn't funny.  Jimmy Kimmel carried The Man Show anyways.

  • Guest


  • Itsonreserve

     Obvious clueless d-baggery aside, did this horse-faced hack just dare to question the talent of Roseanne Barr?

    How dare you sir?  The Connor family are American heroes and your podcast is just trash wrapped in a fart blanket.

    • Bernard Shitpeas

       Served in rancid onions.

  • Beth Riley

    You need to do more research before making blanket statements about Adam Carolla. He has had several pilots in the past few years, all of those needed a writing staff.

    Just a quick look at IMDB…
    Parks & Rec: 8 Men, 5 Women
    Community: 10 Men, 7 Women
    New Girl: 9 Men, 4 Women
    The League: 5 Men, 1 Woman
    30 Rock: 15 Men, 4 Women

    I'm not saying that women aren't funnier. Mathematically there are fewer on writing staffs.

    • http://twitter.com/Splitsider Splitsider

      Pilots don't have writing staffs unless they get picked up. A person or a couple of people write a pilot, there's no need for a whole staff unless they need to write a full season of the show.

      • Beth Riley

         I do apologize, I didn't realize that.

    • Jordan Haven

      … all of which supports nothing that Adam Carolla said, and just reinforces the issue of gender discrimination. Correct, there *are* fewer women on writing staffs. But maybe that's because of chauvinistic thinking like Carolla's, where he flat out said he would hire a man over a woman because he thinks women aren't funny.

      "I don't think women are funny, so I'm not going to hire them" => women don't get hired => "Hey, if women were funny, wouldn't more of them be hired?"

      That's the fundamentally fucked logic that Carolla is using.The metric for judging "are women funny?" can't be "how many women are on writing staffs?" when the very person using that argument is saying they wouldn't hire women. If women are discriminated in hiring, you can't use their (lack of) numbers as proof that they're not funny; just proof that they're being discriminated against.Homework: take a look at the IMDB page for a bunch of sitcoms from the 50's and tell us about how that's proof that black people aren't funny.

      • kevinmarshall

        There's also the issue of this comment he made:

        "No. But they make you hire a certain number of chicks, and they’re always the least funny on the writing staff. "

        Who's "they"? Are they making him hire female writers? For what? And what evidence is there of this, particularly since the numbers don't support that assertion?

        I always liked Carolla. This turn he's taken lately is baffling to me.

      • Beth Riley

         The simple logic is that if women were just as funny there would be even writing staffs and they would have even time on SNL.

      • Jordan Haven

        Beth, again, you're missing some very simple logic here. If someone is discriminated against in hiring, you can't say that their not being hired is proof that they're unqualified.

        If Adam is going to say he doesn't want to hire women writers because they aren't funny, he can't say that the lack of women writers means they're unfunny. THEY DON'T HAVE JOBS BECAUSE YOU SPECIFICALLY DIDN'T HIRE THEM BECAUSE THEY'RE WOMEN.
        This is really not complicated, and while I was joking about the homework thing above, maybe I shouldn't have been. So really, seriously, count up how many black people wrote for the Honeymooners, and then tell the class how that means blacks aren't funny. I mean, if they were funny, they would've been on more writing staffs, right? It couldn't possibly be discrimination, could it? That couldn't be, to a lesser extent, EXACTLY what this whole thing is about, right?

      • Beth Riley

         Is Marc Maron prejudice too? I counted up his first 100 episodes. 121 men and 19 women.

    • SteveDobbs

      Can we compare to how many women are on the staffs for 2 Broke Girl$ and Whitney?  Because then I think we'd be getting somewhere.

      Or if, for example, there were all men writing for Two and a Half Men, that would really hurt the notion that men even have the capability to be funny at all, let alone funnier.

      • Beth Riley

        2 Broke Girls: 6 Men, 4 Women
        Whitney: 5 Men, 1 Woman
        Two and a Half Men: 10 Mem, 2 Women

        I purposely only researched the critically aclaimed shows.

  • http://twitter.com/edomaniac Edward Witt

    I can't help but feel that this post just legitimizes what he's trying to accomplish with this kind of statement. I've never listened to his podcast, but I don't have to to know that it's not exactly progressive as far as women and equality are concerned. This is nothing more than him trying to generate controversy and attract more listeners.

    • http://twitter.com/MoFoley Mo Foley

      Every time somebody does this, even to troll, reasonable individuals have an obligation to respond. Because for every person like you who knows this is Carolla being an evil hairy troll (emphasis on the hairy) there's 3 people saying "yeah, fuck women!"

      • Kjhgjkjhg

        "Every time somebody does this, even to troll, reasonable individuals have an obligation to respond."

        And still, not one has.

    • Sweetjams

      You'd be surprised.

  • http://www.FiveFeetOfFury.com/ Kathy Shaidle

    And you've worked in how many writers' rooms?

    Call us when YOU buy your 14th sports car, Frucci.

    What a beta male you sound like. Do you wear a helmet when you ride your bike, too?

    PS: women aren't funny

    • Will

      What even is this comment? How does it even exist? I am so confused right now. Somebody hold me.

      • kevinmarshall

        I suspect she's trolling for traffic. But it comes across as desperate.

      • http://www.FiveFeetOfFury.com/ Kathy Shaidle

        Pretending to be stupid is not attractive, or convincing. Is that really how you "argue"? Like Aunt Pittypat fluttering her fan?

        Two more beta males heard from.

        Love that you all pretend to be "feminists" but get so pissed when an uppity female dares to disagree with you.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F75ZAFSG7OTVQPIXJWRMINZ6F4 l zoot

        An observation based on 30 years of enjoying watching stand-up comics:
        I've noticed that female comics tend to resort to the topic of sex or sex
        organ-related jokes far sooner than male comics do. Make of that
        what you will but I chalk it up to the fact that women just aren't as
        funny as men. Women have breasts, men are funnier. It's just nature. Blame evolution, blame God, but there it is.

      • Will

        In response to you, glorious Kathy, I am in such strong accord with your criticisms of Frucci. Who does he think he is only owning 12 sports cars? And wearing his helmet to reduce the risk of paralysis or death? What an idiot! The man clearly doesn't know anything about women who are funny. His helmet is probably on too tight! (Did you like that one? I wrote it for you, wonderful Kathy!)

        I mean, he's never even done anything in the comedy world. He doesn't run this (successful) blog, has never performed at any theaters in New York, and most importantly he is a male beta fish. How he even types, I do not know. Please shine some light on this, oh elite and venerable Kathy!

      • http://twitter.com/jessmstephens Jessica Stephens

        Well, Will, that comment about fluttering your fan certainly put you in your place. I'll bet being called a beta fish makes you think twice about condoning the use of helmets.

    • ImFranAndImAWoman

      OMG, Worthington's Law!

    • Erling


      Might want to rethink your approach.

  • Will

    I'm not sure why he or anyone else keeps bringing this up — I was pretty sure we all agreed that a lot of women are really funny last year. I'm putting an indefinite moratorium on this issue — it's not constructive to talk about.

  • MerBearStare

    Adam Carolla may not think that I'm funny because I'm a woman, but I *know* he's not funny, so whatever.

    • Evan Kopilow

       Nah, you're not funny, but not because you're a woman

      • NoMaleChildrenformeEVERThanks!

        And you can tell that by……
        Dude. Can it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nikweinstein Nik Weinstein

      Are men more violent than women? Yes. Does it offend me? No. It's merely statistically true. Men HAVE to be funnier, he explained, to impress women. Have you ever seen a female peacock that was prettier than a male? No! Because they don't NEED to be.

      • NoMaleChildrenformeEVERThanks!

        No they don't. Men have male privilege. So people who tow the patriarchy's line just laugh at dudes' shitty death-centered "jokes".

        It just makes men look depraved and psycho. I know you think psychos are cool. But that's part of the delusion you've bought. Psychos are horrible predictable and boring. And don't understand actual humor/comedy at all.

        I suppose male violence won't bother you until you become the target of it?

        Women don't NEEEEEED to be funneeeee!1!!11!
        Yeah women also don't need men. To reproduce (just look up female sperm, ova fusion, and of course, jizz banks). To make wealth. Nothing. The patriarchy is here to create the illusion that they do.

        • jack sprat

          There are many women who've never been the victim of male violence; there are vanishingly few men for whom that's true.

          As to your last paragraph, where you sketch the outline of your misandrist Utopia, you have an astonishingly credulous faith in the promise of a technology which could only exist at the tip of a technological infrastructure that would always be balanced on the knife's edge of Nature's destructive capacity.

          Odds of human extinction within 10,000 years, under such a regime? 100%. No matter how good the tech might be. (Non-engineers neither understand nor much appreciate the implacability of entropy.)

      • jack sprat

        Actually, on balance, no, they're not. They're just big enough, on average, to cause a lot more damage when they go off.

        Lesbian relationships are 10% more likely to include domestic violence than are either straight or gay relationships. (55% vs. 50%)

  • http://twitter.com/JonasPolsky Jonas Polsky

    I don't know if it's a question that should be asked, but I will say the rebuttals to the assertion that women aren't funny, are not typically very funny.

    • http://twitter.com/MoFoley Mo Foley

      Really? Having to defend women in comedy to every drunk shitty amateur stand-up / part time Groupon customer service rep sure does punches my ticket for the express train to yuk-yuk city! 

      OH WAIT THAT WAS FUCKING SARCASM. Maybe the rebuttal to the argument isn't funny because the person making the argument is already a fucking joke.

      • WomenAteFunny

        Where have you performed in Chicago, Mo? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/jimmykennan Jimmy Kennan

    Ummm… You all realize this is a joke, right? It's schtick. Kinda what Howard Stern did.

    No? Maybe you need to tune up your brain's irony lobe.

    • http://twitter.com/MoFoley Mo Foley

      Making racist/sexist/homophobic jokes might be 'schtick' but it's lazy-ass schtick. Get a better bit, Carolla.

      • Sweetjams

        Anyone who has listened to and comprehended his podcasts know that the perceived racist/sexist/homophobic jokes come from a place of equality and not playing favorites. His "prove me wrong" attitude of pointing out perceptions (although bluntly) is most often an attempt to cut through the "pretend equality" we actually have in this country.

        His manager is gay, his current and previous chosen co-hosts are two very funny Jewish women, and is close personal friends with David Alan Grier. Half-sarcastic, exaggerated answers to loaded questions are great for ragebait articles but hardly reflect the complex ideals of a man who values the character and work ethic of other human beings above all other attributes.

        • Jeremy

          They are not jokes if they are not funny.

    • NoMaleChildrenformeEVERThanks!

      Yeah the "irony" card. Yeah it's not an ironic rep of sexism. He's ACTUALLY DOING IT. Words have meaning. Don't be a dolt.

    • Jeremy

      Jokes are supposed o be funny.

  • Chris

    What a piece of shit article on how some random dude get's their panties in a bunch and tries to call out a big shot. Get over it. Dick. 

    • Blb0723

       Says the guy who just typed that comment while wearing Juggalo makeup in his grandma's basement.

      • Chris

        Good one. You must be a woman. Am I right, Adam?

    • Improvalliance

      Yes Chris. And that woman was your grandmother. Come out of the basement. She made you a tuna sandwich

      • NoMaleChildrenformeEVERThanks!

        Ha, Blb0723 and Improvalliance! Juggalo eatin' a tuna sammich….The mayo and clownpaint….lmfao. XD.

  • AnnFranksDrumKit

    Frucci, you missed the point of his statement entirely. If everyone just stops for a second to think about all the funniest people they know personally, I think the safe money says that the majority of them are going to be guys. I know a lot of women, I'm friends with a lot of women, a lot of them are frequently amusing but I can count on one hand the number of laugh-out-loud funny women I know.

    Fact of life. Sorry.

    • kevinmarshall

      And you'd be very, very wrong. In my case and many others.

      If I live in Little Italy it isn't a fact of life that in every city there's at least two Italian restaurants on every single block. I'm sorry you're drawn to women that aren't funny, but your experience is far from that of everybody else's.

      • http://twitter.com/MoFoley Mo Foley

        It's… it's… it's almost like one person's personal experience DOESN'T illustrate the behavior of an entire gender!? What, I mean, oh god, I'm not the center of the universe? Everything I experience doesn't automatically apply to the whole world?

        :head explodes, splattering entire comment thread with brain matter and blood:

      • kevinmarshall

        Mo Foley is only posting comments to meet the affirmative action quota that "they" require.

    • RedmondE

      I love it when people try to make opinions they've gleaned from their own life universal FACT. Makes for a super awesome intellectual debate. Excuse me now, I have to go buy a strap on so I can be considered funny.

  • HackDaniels

    A bunch of panties in wads in 3….2….1….

  • thunderlove

    I love this blog but its comments like this that make me think you're a pretentious comedy douche.

    "It seems to me that when a majority of critically lauded network sitcoms
    have female leads and you are a person best known for being friends
    with Jimmy Kimmel, being on The Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars, and hosting a podcast, well, you should shut the fuck up about who's funny and who isn't. "

    He definitively best known for The Man Show or his podcast that was once the most downloaded podcast on earth. He also wrote a Book that debuted on the NYT best sellers list. Don't try to downplay a mans career because you disagree with a comment he said about women in comedy. Corolla is a paid comedian with over a decade of being prominent in show business he is allowed to air his opinions on comedy and say who is funny and who is not.

    • u dum

      Way to invoke the Worthington Law, unironically.

      • ManfredYon

        ….but, that's kinda what the article did. Idiot or nay, he is a successful idiot. And the article pretended he wasn't. 

        • NoMaleChildrenformeEVERThanks!

          Sucksessssss! Cause we all know that $$=sucksess!!!
          His sucksess is clear through his ill-gotten gains.

    • Yeah, I Said It

      And people are allowed to say Carolla is an idiot when he does. People can tell him to shut up when he says something so stupid, untrue and bigoted. It goes with the territory of saying things carelessly. That's life. 
      And Carolla downplayed the work of many women to make his stupid, blanket statement.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Max-Vincent/579268818 Max Vincent

       A dick is a dick is a dick–and Adam Corolla is a dick.

    • Who cares

      He doesn't find women that funny. 

      If you agree, great!
      If you don't, great!

      I wouldn't think into this that much.

      • http://www.facebook.com/nikweinstein Nik Weinstein

        This the best analysis here, including the article itself. Especially for everyone who claims to be grown up and mature and then goes into a tirade equal to Carolla while simulatenously being against tirades in general.

        • NoMaleChildrenformeEVERThanks!

          Yeah but it's not the tirade. It's the TOPIC and NECESSITY of the given tirade. Learn it.

      • NoMaleChildrenformeEVERThanks

        Thanks for the man'splaination, bro.

        Dudes think deathly and gory things are…funny. Even dudes who've had friends die in WAR. I wonder when they'll get the sense to be embarrassed by their own oblivion.

        Women, on the other hand, are more creative comics. Amy Sedaris for example. She ridicules David Letterman to the audiences screaming laughter…and he INVITES HER BACK! What a fucking tool he is! lmao.

        Sarah Silverman? Eh. She's hit or miss and just does a lot for shock value. Which really isn't value. It's filler.

        Anyway. Women are fantastic at snark. And snark is far more powerful than, what? Guffawing at "date" rape? Lame, psycho, and still somehow boring as hell.

        • LCook91

          You should really consider forgiving the men that have hurt you. Not to help or free them but to help and free you. God loves you.

    • Katbc

      My son listens to A C & thinks he's smart & funny–I think Adam appeals to men because he talks in "gutter language" that women wouldn't tolerate.  I'd never heard of him except to see him as a guest a few times on Jay Leno's show.  I think he's a hateful, insecure bully–and the worst kind of bully.  The one who's used his friends like Jimmy Kimmel to get what he wants, makes a lot of money and then looks down on everyone else who isn't rich and successful.  The world would be better off w/o Adam C.

  • Derek Weissman

    Some interesting points on both sides. Ultimately however, the reason women are'nt as funny as men is mostly biological. I'll explain. Humor is basically a social skill, and during human development, females generally stayed home to nurture children, while the males needed to go out and explore, and social skills were necessary for bonding, or even dealing with other tribes. Let's be frank, how does it benefit a female to have a sense of humor if she is pregnant, or carrying a new born baby? In these days women are more liberated, but unfortunately these biological traits go back hundreds of years, and now theyr'e just part of our make up. 

    • Derp

      Holy shit.  Son is droppin science.

      • RedmondE

        Except- he's not dropping science. His only link to back his claims is to VANITY FAIR, not exactly a scientific reveiw. 

    • http://twitter.com/MindIzMySpear jadziadragonrider

       Just in case you're not trolling for the lulz: This is so moronic, and it hurt my brain to have been witness to it. "Women aren't funny" to neanderthals who cannot see beyond their own slovenly pea brains to appreciate humor from a different perspective. For instance, I'm a woman but I can appreciate some abrasive male humor and laugh. Sometimes I think think the humor comes from too piggish a place and I get offended,  but even in cases like that I can recognize it as conceivably funny from a certain perspective. Adam and you have very few brain cells between you so you can't step outside yourself like that.

      • Derek Weissman

        Well, first off no need to get ugly with the namecalling, it's just a friendly discussion, LOL! That said, I do agree that males are a little more adept at making both males AND females like yourself laugh, which I think only supports my earlier point about humor being mostly a male trait. I think it should be mentioned however that this is'nt necessarily true across the bored. For example some females, such as Whitny Cumings and Chelsey Handler can actually be quite funny at times. You can read more about the biology of it here: http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2007/01/hitchens200701 

    • Kate L.

      That's actually not the reason; humor isn't innate, it's learned, and therefore a function of socialization. Women are "less funny" because humor is a form of power and has therefore been systematically suppressed in women. If you're actually curious about the causes of this discrepancy, read Regina Barreca's "They Used to Call Me Snow White… But I Drifted."

      • Derek Weissman

        Intersting theory, but unfortunately the facts state otherwise. Humor is actually a genetic trait that has evolved over a very long period of time, much longer than you or any of us can even imagine. This is also true of many other social traits as well. You might find some interesting reading on the subject from authors such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and others :) 

      • Kate L.

        In his Vanity Fair article – the same one you cited – Christopher Hitchens specifically discussed the societal suppression of women's humor as a cause for women being (as he sees it) less funny. Very few biologists would claim that personality traits are evolutionary. The capacity for humor, perhaps, but the development thereof is unquestionably nurture over nature. The existence of hilarious women – heck, even one example would do the trick – kind of flies in the face of any claims that women are biologically incapable of humor. The culprit, both with respect to women "being" less funny and, more significantly, being *seen as* less funny regardless of whether not they're objectively capable of eliciting laughter, is deeply ingrained social and cultural traditions that support humor in men and suppress it in women.

      • Midwest Philly

        Ok – but here you're admitting that women are in fact less funny.  Society is to blame and if all things were equal then women would be just as funny, but we don't live in that world yet. 

        Adam didn't say, Chicks aren't funny, never will be funny and I like it that way!  In his experience they aren't as funny as men.  Is it more foolish to create a world view based on your own concrete experiences, or on the experiences others insist are more in line with reality?  

        Everyone should remember also that Adam is constantly playing Devil's Advocate, essentially an independent (I) living in a land of Political Correctness, sexual harassment seminarsMovie Stars endorsing raising taxes on the wealthy while they go film there movie in Toronto for the tax breaks.  His conservative side must feel a little suffocated and he feels he needs to balance the message.

        I will say that I appreciate his willingness to do and say what he believes.  It's actually a testament to his talent that he works at all, given the number of people he's offended or told to fuck right off.

      • Lucia R.

        I'll take your Snow White reference and raise you a five minute Freakanomics podcast about the gap regarding patents and gender. (hunh?)

    • A Friend

      To quote Sagan: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." Perhaps a link to a peer reviewed journal on this would help support your point. If the experts in this field agree with this, I will agree with Carolla on this point. Until then, his comedy and your statement are simply supporting hate speech about a group with no cause or reason.

      • Derek Weissman

        Well, a lot of it is touched upon in the Christopher Hitchens article: http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2007/01/hitchens200701, but I'm mostly citing facts from biology. 

    • ce

      Jesus, really?  

      "How does it benefit a female to have a sense of humor if she is pregnant or carrying a new born baby?" Try having a monthly pain in the ass, and take birth contol so that we can continue pleasing guys like you. Then try carrying a living thing and sacrificing nine months of your normal life to make sure another potential chauvinistic male doesn't fuck up how far the female race has come from the 1920's and do it with a sense of humor. Do all of the above with a sense of humor, and then you can tell us about your thoughts on what you as a male believe the benefits of being a woman are.

      • Derek Weissman

        I should probably clarify: No one is saying that women have it easy. To be fare, I'll bet most of my male friends could'nt do half the jobs they're wives have to do on a daily basis, let alone give birth. Most men can only imagine how difficult that is. I'm talking about humor specifically, which is predominantly a male trait, mostly developed over time for improved survival reasons. I think that's the point Mr. Corolla was saying.

    • ce

      I know you're just stating facts from Biology, but there are a lot of benefits to having a sense of humor while pregnant or carrying a new born baby. I would bet a million that your own mother needed some form of humor while going through the process. It's painful and comedy is the best form of medicine.

      • Kate L.

         (They aren't facts. He hasn't mentioned any facts at all. He's just vaguely alluding to and misrepresenting the evolutionary process.)

    • RedmondE

      Holy bat shit….I am just flabbergasted by the ignorance…'how does a sense of humor benefit a female if she is pregnant or has a newborn?"

       I'll tell you how- it helps so we don't eat our young like sharks.
      It helps in bonding, you got that one point right. Last time I checked mothers need to bond with their children…..
      It helps to crack a joke or have a laugh when a baby accidentally shits or pukes on your face.
      I was in labor for 75 hours (that's 4 days) and I was cracking jokes and getting laughs most of the time so I didn't end up killing my doctor, my husband or myself. Humor helps us to get though life, it helps in pain reduction,  and if it weren't for having a sense of humor and an ability to laugh at oneself, many, many, many more men through out history would have been murdered by their wives.

      Testosterone does not equal funny.

      I promise you women are just as funny as men, but for most of history we had to keep it under wraps. Ask any woman- we have been secretly smiling and giggling to ourselves for thousands of years when you all say and do some of the stupid shit that you do.

      • Derek Weissman

        Well, there's a difference between making "oneself" laugh, and the ability to make others laugh, which I think is more on the point that Mr. Corolla was saying on. Look, no one is saying that females of the species don't have the ABILITY to laugh, it's just that, and again as a result of our evolution, men needed to develop the ability to make OTHER people laugh in order to survive with other tribes and such, whereas the female never needed to develop that ability, which is why it is non-existant today. 

      • http://twitter.com/megh_wright Megh Wright

        @google-b088aeb832425c53ee7fc8f1c5de21b1:disqus "tribes and such" 

    • Mel

      If it's a "fact of biology" that means that a biologist has proved it. Please link to the peer-reviewed academic study where a biologist proved that men are funnier than women because of DNA. If you can't, stop calling it science. Note: Christopher Hitchens is not a biologist and Vanity Fair is not a peer-reviewed journal.

      • Derek Weissman

        Well, these concepts are all supported by basic biology 101. No one is trying to offend anyone here, just trying to discuss the matter, and unfortunately the numbers don't lie :) 

  • http://twitter.com/WadeForReal Andrew Wade

    Adam Carolla is great* because he takes any experience he has had in his personal life, and turns it into gospel for how things are or should be everywhere. Foodstamps and welfare make people lazy because his mom was lazy and on food stamps and welfare, Schools should get rid of free lunch programs because he was on the free lunch program and didn't like it, gender roles should be strictly enforced because his wife follows them and he likes it that way.

    *the worst

    Seriously, shut the fuck up Carolla. I used to listen to his podcast religiously, then I matured into a real human being that doesn't believe minorities and women are less than, and his shitty repetitive podcast got hard to listen to. Anyone who's willing to say women aren't funny at this point has no business saying anything that will be heard by anyone other than close friends.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z7MKW62CXX3BKK4FCB634QBEPU Jack Francis

      Yeah, also a LOT of women like Roseanne, and she had a mega-fucking-huge hit of a show because of that fact. Could it be they like different jokes than men? Are men and women tickled by DIFFERENT THINGS? In what universe is humor objective anyway, a lot of guys like Dane Cook, I'd hardly hold him up as some paragon of ultimate genius in comedy.

      • Dudeman69

        Alot of guys like Dane cook? Have you seen all the screaming girls at his show?

      • NoMaleChildrenformeEVERThanks!

        They *shouldn't* laugh at different things. Funny is funny like healthy is healthy like right is right like wrong is wrong. Some people say "there is no right or wrong!!!11!!!!1111". And those people tend to be MEN. Why? Because they prefer to tell themselves that it is all "a game".

        Yeah, no. Monopoly is a game. This…this thing all around us all the time whether anyone hears that tree fall or not? This is real. life.

        I'm saying that dudes think blood, gore, rape, murder….are FUNNY. Seriously. I heard a theatre full of psychos laughing at highly unfunny scenes while watching Hunger Games. Guess what? The laughing averaged at a low pitch.

        So. The typical dude of today is LESS funny than the average female. I find females (not handmaidens of the patriarchy who tow the line, of course) don't have to rely on nasty bullshit. Instead, they play on words and make hilariously biting remarks about misogyny, nationalism, shitty (90% of) television, etc etc etc.

        • jack sprat

          My, my, my…NoMaleChildrenformeEVERThanks, doing her impression of misandry calling misogyny rainbow-hued. Own your hate, grrrl.

    • https://marvel.com/universe/Moon_Knight Moon Knight

      Well said.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_56TO74TXA22QRKEIOA36QA274E danny

    Men are funnier than women. Quite being a bunch of losers, he is dead on.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Max-Vincent/579268818 Max Vincent

       Learn to spell, Danny, and maybe, one day, someone will pay attention to you.

      • thisoneguy

        Hey Max, you're not going to get laid by attacking Danny.

        • NoMaleChildrenformeEVERThanks!

          You are making your sex look even dumber than before.

          • jack sprat

            Just as you're making yours look as shrewish as the very worst stereotypes.

          • Jeremy

            Of course, a stupid response.

    • NoMaleChildrenformeEVERThanks!

      Yeah you just showed us how hi-larious your funny, funny manself can be with that not-educated guess.
      Women are typically way more clever…and I just proved it all OVA this board! XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/carolyn.agnew Carolyn Agnew


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Madeline-Witherow/100000180517278 Madeline Witherow

      I think he was the voice of the Mutt that Eddie Murphy adopts in  "Dr.Doolittle" . Also the man show,we shouldnt be surprised he made such an unintelligent statement.

      • thisoneguy

        Don't pretend like you don't know who he is because you were insulted by his comment.

        • NoMaleChildrenfomeEVERThanks!

          Who is he?
          Dear Carolyn,
          He is a not-even-slightly-funny-or-clever misogynist windbag who someone gave a radio show to or something. I don't know the rest. Hope what I don't know won't OFFEND whoever this dude whining is.
          He's clearly upset that at least 44 people are not familiar wit his bro.

      • cameron ROBARTS

         Hey, that was Norm MacDonald… Please don't insult a comic genius by confusing him with Adam Carolla. BUT, That movie sucked dicks and I'm pretty sure Norm just wanted some payday.

  • John_Cameron

    what an aggressively bad comment thread

  • Jaun

    At least he has the balls to say what he actually thinks.

    • AwesomeTacos

      I think you are Jaun in a million!

      • BrilliantToquitos

        ^ The only thing worth reading here.

      • Cameron in ATX


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=197600016 Marcos Figueroa

    I don't care about the "Men vs Women" humor debate because at its core, it's an incredibly dumb debate (Women and men are equally funny and have the capability to be funny and to argue otherwise is stupid and why are we even discussing that?) but I've never liked Carolla, or the "Man Show" or jokes about Dick-Fart-Boobs Beer. 

    But in the grand scheme of things my opinion means very little. Carolla will wake up tomorrow, more famous than I, and I will continue to complain about the light film of sweat that gathers on my undertits.

    • Louis

      I thought you didn't like boob jokes?

    • Cameron in ATX

       If you don't like any dick or fart jokes you should be banned from EVER commenting on an article about comedy or humor in general.

  • John_Cameron

    Carolla is basically a comic analogue to Bobby Riggs – playing the chauvinist card as he ages for a last, desperate gasp of relevance. The difference is that, with female writers all over the airwaves on both commercially successful and critically acclaimed series, he has dozens of Billie Jean Kings to contend with, and none of them even have to give him the time of day.

  • LovelineFan

    Adam Carolla says some controversial things. But his work is comedy, one of the last societal bastions of honesty, and I resent the fact that the issue is being so politicized. He's being candid and honest in saying that, by the numbers, women are less funny than men. Fine, that's debatable.  

    Louis CK has said controversial things about women in comedy (
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WF_v9f7wnfk), Patrice O'Neal said it to a fault. I think the poster is picking on Adam Carolla because his work doesn't appeal to the semi-liberal comedy base of this blog, but in the eyes of many–myself included–he's one of the funniest men alive. Please don't discredit his previous work because you disagree with him–you're exposing the fact that you're a comedy fan that hasn't listened to Loveline. 

    Also, your counter-argument is as weak as Carolla's argument, though he has the excuse of exaggerating for humorous effect. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/eamontoplease Eamon Doyle

       I've listened to it. He's not funny there either.

      • Sweetjams

        This adds exactly nothing to the conversation.

      • NoMaleChildrenformeEVERThanks!

        Yeah you're absolutely right. It's just. Not. Funny.

    • http://twitter.com/jessmstephens Jessica Stephens

      He didn't say this as part of a routine. Besides, if the fact that something is intended to be comedy meant nobody should comment on it, why are you here commenting as well? Comedy works when some element of it resonates with the audience. Nothing would resonate with the audience if comedians didn't tap into some societal convention, either by reinforcing it or making people rethink it. The fact that something is intended as a joke is more of an argument for WHY we should be talking about it, not why we shouldn't be.

  • ReallyFunny

    Adam Carolla is funny as fuck. 

  • Rich

    Carolla may not think women are funny, but I KNOW that HE isn't funny. The guy's a has-been hack who has never done anything worth paying attention to, and is only famous because he once worked with Jimmy Kimmel. Taking his opinion of comedians seriously is like taking Sarah Palin's opinion of politicians seriously.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Magnimus-Stryker/100000009628697 Magnimus Stryker

      Wiki is your friend.  Adam Carolla used to work as a carpenter, and a boxing trainer, he didn't make much money at that.  He is now literally a multimillionaire from cracking wise.  So basically, the whole world voted and decided he IS fucking funny.  I don't know how much money you have in your bank account, and I don't really care; but I bet dollars to donuts you've never made more than 10 bucks by telling a joke.

  • Serge

    Yeah, I dont understand how anyone can have a response to this that isn't "So?"

    Some guy said a thing?  Who cares.  But writing this indignant heated response where you write off all of his comedy and work b/c of a dumb thing he said… well that makes me want to take his side.  Because really, just be funnier.

  • Jimbot

    Men ARE funnier than women on the whole. It's an evolutionary trait. I'm not saying there aren't funny women out there but they are an exception. The reason being for this is simple. In order to reproduce, men need to be funny. If you can't make a women laugh, you are at a disadvantage when it comes to reproducing. I am not talking about relationships here, I am talking about just fucking. It only takes one time to reproduce. Men like a woman that can make them laugh, sure, but they're more interested in sticking their pee pee into something warm and tight. Most men don't give two heebs off a camel's beeb what a woman's personality is as long as those legs spread. Women on the other hand are more selective and one of the things they tend to select for is humor because humor is automatically associated with intelligence. I don't consider myself a misogynist and there are a plethora of women I look up to and respect greatly. I'm just simply stating facts here. Adam had a good point. 

    • CarlSagan

      I'm betting that Jimbot is shit in bed.

    • Honey_wheeler

      That's funny, I thought it was fertile sperm that men needed in order to reproduce.

    • except no

      except by that logic women wouldn't have any other traits, either, like, i don't know, intelligence, or the ability to do anything except push babies out all day every day.  if you have to hide behind evolutionary biology in order to feel better about being sexist at least give your argument a little support.

    • Erling

      Evolutionary trait? There has to be a Godwin corollary for this.

    • John G.

      Ugh, not another man using his lack of knowledge of evolution, sociology and biology to justify his simplistic, chauvinistic understanding of the world.

      • Will H.

        The sad thing is, in about 50 years
        you might start doin' some thinkin'
        on your own and by then you'll realize
        there are only two certainties in
        One, don't do that. Two — you
        dropped a hundred and fifty grand on
        an education you coulda' picked up
        for a dollar fifty in late charges
        at the Public Library.

    • Derek Weissman

      Jimbot is right. All namecalling and personal attacks aside, the issue is simply that a sense of humor is a necessary biological trait developed by the male of a species during our evolution in order to survive and reproduce. Its simple biology. Women developed better traits for child bearing, and men developed better social techniques, of which a sense of humor is one. Mr. Corolla was simply stating this fact, and, though he could have said it nicer, it's not fare to attack his authority. He's been doing humor for a very long time, and his social criticisms are often right on the money, and very funny. It's not to say that women don't have other skills, or can even be funny at times (Whitny Cumings and Chelsey Handler come to mind), it's just that on the hole, women don't need to be as funny as men, simply for evolution. Finally, I have an equal amount of male and female friends, and yet the only ones that ever make me laugh are the men. Everyone needs to ask yourself this test, and you'll see what we mean. Case closed!

    • RedmondE

      Another person who needs to look up the definition of the word FACT. Nice theory Darwin, but one that holds no water. One could argue that for eons women were expected in all societies to be good, polite, quiet, little subserviant darlings who know their place, i.e., Sorry we haven't had nearly as much time to perfect our fart jokes.

      The people who are saying "It's a fact"- like it's a fact that men are always better looking than women? You know, cuz guys just want somewhere warm and tight to stick it whereas women are more selective and would want a good looking mate, right?

      Humor is a crap shoot, without regard to gender or race. It does tend to be centered on a person's ability to look at things a certain way and usually the more intelligent a person, the funnier they are because they have more stuff to talk about and don't have to resort to hack dick jokes. You need to back up your pseudo science with some actual facts.

    • John G.

      oh, and he's seen a popular movie.

  • Suckit

    Who the fuck is adam frucci? Yeah im gonna listen to the opinion of someone with real showbiz experience over the asshole writer of this hack site.

  • Will

    This thread is full of three things:
    1) Adam Carolla apologists
    2) Adam Frucci apologists
    3) People who have never read Plato's Apology
    4) People who can't count

    • Jamal

      We're not apologists…we just know that Carolla consistently makes us laugh.  He is a comedian, so as long as people keep laughing and listening (#1 podcast in history), then he should keep speaking his mind.  Adam Fucki should really shut the fuck up!

      • Jeremy

        Corolla only mains the brain dad laugh.

  • Podawful

    Hey, how about you go fuck yourself if youre going to try to knock him by saying that hosting a podcast isn't enough of a credential, unless youre go tell julie klausner that.

  • http://twitter.com/travishelwig Travis Helwig

    No one is funny.

    • NoMaleChildrenformeEVERThanks!

      Lay off the Nietzsche, bro.

  • Bleve

    u mad bro?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F75ZAFSG7OTVQPIXJWRMINZ6F4 l zoot


  • Cat Gwynn

    This coming from a marginally funny guy – marginally – and clearly a misogynistic racist. Wow, your opinion counts. Ummm, not really. Go play with your little pud, Adam. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F75ZAFSG7OTVQPIXJWRMINZ6F4 l zoot

      There are some brilliantly female comics but female comics, on the whole, tend to resort to sex or sex
      organ-related jokes far sooner than male comics, showing they're senses of humor tend to be less refined or honed than that of males. Or they're just lazier. I'm not misogynistic for pointing that out. It's just a fact.

      I don't care much for Corola, btw, so I'm not defending him.

      • RedmondE

        Dude, that's not a fact, it's your own personal observation. Those who work in the business look down on those comics- male or female who resort to dick jokes because they have nothing else to offer. At least in the south of the country, I can say it's usually men ( not good comics mind you, the hacks ) who revert to the sex based stuff. Saying a woman's sense of humor is less refined or that they are lazier….come on now, you know better.

  • brijazz012

    People claim that they like "honesty" from comedians… until those comedians say something that you don't like. 

    So, what is "honesty"?  Is it:

    1) an idea that you hold in your heart, but perhaps don't speak aloud… you feel great when someone else says it, because they're "speaking the truth"
    2) an objectively verifiable comment?
    3) what the comedian feels to be true?

    I'd like to think it's the latter.  If Carolla starts censoring himself so as to not upset people, then what's the point?

  • Nick

    I've been listening to Adam for a long time, and while I think he is a supremely funny and smart guy, he doesn't always word things the best way to get his true point across. People who listen to his shows will know what I mean. Like all the other times he has gotten in trouble with his words, this is just a case of everyone taking everything way too seriously.

  • Shaunlandry

    "When you’re picking a basketball team, you’ll take the brother over the guy with the yarmulke. Why? Because you’re playing the odds."

    Ah that's nice that he is PC enough to not use Black and Jewish. What if the brother is wearing a yarmulke? What if it is a black woman and a guy in a yarmulke? How about a black guy in a yarmulke and an college draft pick that is not a brother and Adam has no idea that he is.

    What if it was a guy in a yarmulke and Sarah Silverman?

    Please interview Adam again so he can break down his playing the odds. Sure hasn't faired much for his career. Especially after him thinking the odds of this article was going to help it.

    • Midwest Philly

      I'm confused – having no talent and achieving the level of success qualifies as "not fairing well"?  Or is it that is IS talented and has underachieved?  

      Adam is not PC (obviously) and has little room for subjectivity in his life.  It's the reason he is where he is, it's the reason he's an atheist.  He only believes what he sees – 95% of the Armenians he encounters are rude, therefore Armenians are rude.  95% of the comedians he respects are dudes, therefore dudes are funnier than chicks.  The majority of Jews and Asians that went to his high school went to college and the majority of blacks and whites didn't, therefor asians and jews care more about education.

      Liberal people such as myself, always work in the hypothetical, "what if black kids had the same family structure as jews" or "what if girls were as encouraged to be funny as much as boys" type of questions.  Adam doesn't care about that.  He goes by what he sees.  He's going to be wrong 5-10% of the time, but he doesn't waste any time hand-wringing about considering all possibilities.  

      Basically, in his mind, looking over your shoulder when a shady looking black guy in his 20's his walking behind you isn't something a racist does.  It's something an intelligent person does after having heard 1,000 news stories of people being attacked by young black males. Like he says, profiling is a tool we all have as humans – one that has played a large part in our evolution.  He's not willing to abandon his instincts, which again, have got him to where he is.

  • EastVanHalen

    The obvious point is that anyone who thinks Adam Carolla is funny is objectively unqualified to have an opinion about comedy.

    • jack sprat

      Comedy is entirely subjective.

  • Another guy named Adam

    The irony is he'd have MORE attention if he wasn't a white dude.

  • cjob3

    Yeah, but The Jimmy Kimmel show head writer is Jimmy's girlfriend. Just sayin'.

  • http://twitter.com/PodAwful Pod Awful Podcast

    Love that all the response to this is "Who is Adam Carolla, what has he even done?" and yet the story is still making waves.

    I guess podcasts mean something.

  • JMansm

    I hate using insults that refer to the body to describe people but he is SUCH AN ASSHOLE. 

  • Eric

    Wow.  Way to complain a shit ton without backing up your arguments with any evidence.  Adam is mostly right about most things.  He might be off once in awhile, but he backs up every opinion with evidence.  You?  You just complain and appeal to women in the hopes that one of them will sleep with you.  Shame.  Btw, he's absolutely right about this – dudes are funnier than chicks.

  • Acruz8506

    Ok people if chicks were funny and I'm not saying they aren't, Amy schumer, April macie, Amy poeller, Kristin wigg, Chelsea perretti, the fat chick from bridesmaids, Aubrey plaza, Maria bamford, are just some examples of some funny women out there in comedy. But back to what I'm trying to say here is that the number of funny women compared to funny men will never be equal. The question is still being asked to this day, if you think it weren't true, would we still be talking about right now?

  • brijazz012

    Carolla did not say that "women aren't funny".  He just thinks that guys are funnier.  He's not saying that women shouldn't be working in comedy or anything to that effect, he just prefers to work with guys.  It's an opinion;  strongly-stated to be sure, but just an opinion nonetheless.

    After all, he works on shows that are geared towards the "guy sensibility", so why would he need a bunch of female writers?  I'm having a hard time seeing why there's so much vitriol over these comments.

  • Kynniginsu

    My grandma was WAY funnier than Corolla and the only reason she's never been famous is because she never had his insecure, narcissistic "look at me/please love me" mentality driving her.  He's just a pouty child whining for attention and he's butt-hurt because too many female comics could out-funny him while suffering menstrual cramps that would make him cry for his 'lazy' momma.

  • Ickki2p2

    Everyone is doing exactly what he wanted!

  • guest

    Women, generally, are less funny than men.  And they are, generally, not as well-represented in comedy or comedy-writing as a result.  That's all.

  • akacj18

    Dear Adam Corolla,
    Since you like Tina Fey so much, why don't you take a bit of wisdom from her, "Just because you don't like something, doesn't make it empirically not good."

  • BooM

    Typical woman logic and white knights in these comments, can't handle reality, which is why you are all off in LaLaLand while the real men are working.

  • rerickulous

    Does anyone else see the irony in Adam Frucci reprimanding Adam Carrola. Who is Adam Frucci, and why does his opinion on comedy matter? maybe he should practice what he preaches. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/eamontoplease Eamon Doyle

      Ad populum. Thanks for playing.

  • brijazz012

    Let's show Adam how wrong he is! Everyone do this:

    1) go to Google and search "best stand-up of all time" (or similar)
    2) paste the first 10 names you find below (hell, make it 20)

    Then we'll show Adam the list, and he'll realize that most people disagree with him and that he's way off-base.

    • David

      In Comedy Central's list of the top 100 stand-up comedians of all time: 9 women.  Adam's argument is much, much more intelligent than what most of those objecting to it are attacking.  If you misrepresent his comment as saying that women can't be as funny as men, then you can dismiss him as misogynistic.  But that's a strawman argument, and the billionth example of how superficial, reductive, and devoid of value arguments on the internet have become.  There are real reasons why women don't succeed in comedy, science, business, and sports as often as men do. Wishing it weren't so doesn't make it so. 

  • Carl55

    Haha he is so right. I have so many examples, but just one is that I listen to comedians all day on pandora when I can and out of the thousands of skits that I have heard, there has been one woman and 2 of her "tracks" played. She was pretty damn funny, but yikes he is right, I know a bunch of funny dudes and like 2 funny girls. And I'm sure all the unfunny girls will instantly think I only know 2 girls. Saying that is not funny. Sorry but Adam is funny and correct.

  • kj1213

    Honestly, I'm ashamed to say that I have listened to the podcast. A bunch. Mostly out of boredom. But I agree that Adam is an uneducated ridiculous megalomaniac. He thinks that he is the smartest and has the most fantastical brain because he has an ounce of business savvy. He talks over his guests constantly, and the only reason why he is funny and successful is due to his co-hosts and production staff. He's just totally out of touch, and his comments here are just the stupid icing on his dumbass cake.

  • Guest

    lisa lampanelli, sarah silverman, amy schumer, yada yada yada
    bill burr/louis ck

    no disparity, rightt

  • Anna

    I honestly have no idea who this guy is. But now my impression of him is as a douche-bag and I will avoid his future work…if it ever comes up. 

    Also, Roseanne wasn't that funny–but she's more famous than this dude.

  • Paladoris

    Yeah, but you're just a douche with a blog quoting someone else's actual interview (work) with a useless opinion (not work).  So, Adam Carolla is more interesting than you are, and you're like 3 degrees away from actual work.  Who cares what Adam Carolla thinks?  Millions more than you.  And he's been writing or broadcasting for nearly 20 years, so if you were to say this to his face, he would probably still be more interesting than you, and make you look dumb.   Because you're just a critic, and your opinion is as useful as the opinions in this comments section.  You shut the fuck up. And get a job, stupid.

    • notachick

      You don't even have the smallest shred of self-awareness, do you?

  • tmgrnfn1

    I agree. What are women doing trying to make tampon jokes and shit when they should be making sammitches.

  • http://twitter.com/kcrace KC Race

    I guess this is his tactic to stay relevant…since he's not funny, he's saying "shocking" things to get talked about. YAWN. I think I can speak for most women when I say we really don't give a flying f**k what Adam Carolla thinks about us. Thanks anyway!

  • http://logansrogue.livejournal.com napalmnacey

    French and Saunders.  This argument is over.

    • brijazz012

      Geez, Adam never said that women aren't funny.  He just said that there are more funny guys.

      Are there more men who are working in comedy than women?  Yes.  Why that is is not for me (or Adam) to say.  And that fact is easy to quantify;  take a look at the lineup for any comedy festival and you'll see that the lineup is largely male.  Is it fair?  Is it right?  Why aren't there more women in the biz?  That's a whole other discussion, but you can't fault the guy for stating the obvious.

  • Amborgesa

    1. The author of this BLOG has no credentials, yet he attacks a successful comedian who has had multiple television shows, the #1 podcast on earth, 2 NYT bestsellers, 2 highly rated radio shows, a movie and live comedy shows that sell out wherever they go. Maybe the Adam Frucci should shut the fuck up until he has a leg to stand on.

    2. Fact 1: there are more women in the world than men. Fact 2: There are fewer female comics than men. While there are a female comics who are funny (Joan Rivers, Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes) there are countless others who aren't (Cho, Garafalo, Judy Gould) and are likely getting airtime and comedy spots simply to appeal to women

    3. So yes there are funny women in comedy, but compared the the amount of funny men they are drastically outnumbered. So to say that women are equals in the comedy realm is the equivalent of saying Asian basketball players are just as good as African-American players because of Jeremy Lin…..well maybe that's a stretch.Replace Asian with white and you get the idea….unless we're gonna refute another truth staring us in the face

  • Akivaddict

    Hey, Frucci!  Remember when it was just me reading posts from you and all your bi-coastal comedy-nerd friends, and I (along with all the other ‘regulars’) would post once every four months when an article gave me (us) a quadruple-double-take? 

  • DrJimmy

    Pretty simple math here; Carolla tends to lean right politically, so he needs to be vilified.  Nothing new here.  Can we get to something important now, like Snooki or something?

  • Seaniep

    everyone overly offended by this comment has no sense of humor, it was not mean, it was not mean spirited, it was not said to try and get someone upset, it was just something said!  when someone makes a "joke" to try and piss you off, then you can get upset about it, when someone continually crosses a line personally with you, then you can get upset about it

    in this case, maybe if he was trying to make a joke about how women weren't funny (not what happened) and the joke fell flat you could get all bent out of shape over it, but this is an observation, not something done for laughs, if something not done for laughs is your basis for determining that he is an a-hole and not funny, then you need to lighten the fuck up yourself

  • theman

    feminists make me laugh

  • …and you're mad why?

    To those that are upset about what Adam Carolla said: Why do his comments make you mad?  What is the deal with the dust up here?  Is there some badge of oppression on women comics — or women's humor in general —  of which I was not aware?  Will one single female comedy writer or woman who makes jokes to her friends have their life affected in any way whatsoever?  No.  Relax people.  

  • http://www.thestandupcenter.com/ Stand-up Comedy

    This is a free country you can say what ever you want, but the rest of us also need to learn to ignore.

  • Sonny

    Like him or not, AC is one of the quickest wits cranking out content these days. What he makes seem effortless day-in day-out would be impossible for the vast majority of the whining PC dullards that agree with the jealous no-name blogger on this site. 

    Don't tune in if it isn't your cup of tea. Simple.

    • Lucia R.

      I like his comedy, every day is comeday with Adam! 

  • Rich Levy

    You can just look at Adam Carolla and tell that he smells bad.
    Middle-school-jock-laundry bad.

  • Notachick

    Hardly surprising, but the commenters that are siding with Carolla seem to be much less adept at spelling and grammar. 

    • brijazz012

      I believe you meant to write "…the commenters who are siding with Carolla…"

  • MarthaGreene245

    If Adams experience in entertainment does not qualify as having the right to say this statement what does that make Adam Frucci? The same argument could be said about him. Somebody please name one female comic bit thats on the same level or rivals that of the bet male comedian. I'd honestly like to know.

  • Megan Hugues

    This pisses me off cause there are so many female comedy legends like Kathy griffin, whoopi Goldberg, margarette cho, Whitney cummings and tina fey. I could go on and on. Females are dominating tv with shows like Whitney and the b in room 23. All female leads and they are hilarious. By the way, women can be funny without being dirty unlike Louis ck, doug stanhope and Chris rock who rely on filth. I guess maybe bill Cosby doesnt but he is boring, give me some classic Griffin over Cosby any day. No man could ever make me laugh the way females do.

    the best it had ever been with shows like the b in room 23 and

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z73I4VOVPY7CWDGRQDI4RRKGBU Kat

    I got into this madhouse of a discussion by googling this question: Is Adam Carolla a comedian?  INMO he is nothing but an uneducated misanthrope.  I think he appeals to miserable people who would like to rant & rave about everything in the world being bad, but they don't have the forum to do that.  Warning: if you listen to AC long enuff, you, too, will start hating everything!

  • Brian
  • http://www.facebook.com/nik.sabatura Nik Sabatura

    Everyone always jumps to some conclusion"dudes are funnier than chicks" is what was said. He never said women aren't funny. Get off of the comedies backs. Its his job to give his opinion, that's why he makes millions of dollars a year.

  • Uncomfortable truth

    He also said he think tina fey is one of the funniest people on the planet of either gender.

    But I notice that Tina Fey's writer's room is 80% men. That suggests Tina also thinks men are funnier than women.

  • NoMaleChildrenforMeEVERThanks!

    Pssshhhh. Adam is totes fail. He's all, "They have the tiny pink-and-sparkly ladybrains- I'm a delusional idiot!"

    Yeah, we know, Adam. We know.

    But here's the thing: all the funniest females don't bother prostrating themselves before the Comedy Central not-gods. They just rofltao on rad fem blogs that call out dudebros like Adam Caroooooooooolla. It really is a fantastic side-splitting laugh.
    You know… it almost like he doesn't KNOW *just how funny he actually is*. Cause none of his comedy-writing or zingers get anywhere near as funny as the shit women say about him. Being unaware of it all is the funniest quality Adam's got.
    And for that, thanks, bros.

  • Chris

    Carolla is hilarious. Don't like him?…Don't listen to him.

  • Keundog

    After years of listening to the man – arguably the funniest off-the-cuff comedian alive – I have to conclude that the two types of people who don't enjoy his work are 1) Liberal, self-righteous, politically correct blowhards (much like the writer of this article) and 2) People with absolutely no sense of humor (much like the writer of this article).

    Get over yourselves – he never said 'women aren't funny', he said that on the whole, guys tend to be funnier. After this interview he acknowledged on his own podcast that the funniest person in the world could just as likely be a woman.

    Go ahead and demonize the guy for telling the truth. Call him an asshole, demand an apology, organize a boycott – the rest of us will be listening to his podcast – the greatest of all time, laughing and lamenting at the state of the sensationalist media and the mindless lemmings who jump on that train of self-righteous indignation every chance they get.

  • http://twitter.com/abqbills bill smith

    Women suck. OMG "no you ditint!". Why are we so thin-skinned, and oh so ready to either be offended, or defend someone we think has been offended. STFU!

  • Butthurt much?

    Waaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaa! Waaa!

  • disqus_wl9hiGHJp9

    Author is a liquified vat of anal fissures. Adam Carolla is willing to talk about things in an honest, blunt manner that can make things better for everyone. Dumb shits like Adam Frucci only slow the evolutionary process.

  • thirdman

    Shut the fuck up, Adam Frucci.

  • bob sackamanno

    Haha.. how about asking comedians if adam carolla is funny, because 99% will say that they envy his ability to take any topic and roll with it on the spot. And i am talking about people like Bill Burr, greg fitzsimmons, howard stern, alec baldwin, jerry seinfeld. The person who wrote this article doesnt know shit about comedy but he does know that adam has some conservative views so he decided to belittle a person far more successful than himself. Haha pathetic.

  • Jeremy

    Rule number 1 for a joke, IT HAS TO BE FUNNY.

  • Jeremy

    Adam is an expert on what isn't funny.

  • MB

    No words to describe how ignorant Adam Carolla is. It's beyond description.

  • Amanda Black

    I'm goint to be honest. As a female, I generally find males to by funnier than females. I'd way rather spend time with my girlfriends, but, comedy speaking, I find men funnier. In general only. When I'm listening to comedy on sirius, the funniest stand ups are usually men.

  • Nitrobucket

    poor article. Unfunny people shouldn't interview comedians. Please blog about oatmeal or Doritos next time

  • https://marvel.com/universe/Moon_Knight Moon Knight

    If women aren't funny because of their gender, what's his excuse?

  • Fraser Agresta

    There have been men that were funny. There have been women that were funny. Adam Carolla has never been funny. Nor will he ever be.