Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Adam Carolla Doesn't Care about Backlash or Comedy

"I think about vintage racing all day… I don’t think about comedy, I don’t watch the shows, and I don’t read the blogs. People saying, 'Screw Adam, he’s not funny' — that doesn’t make a difference to me. I spend all day on eBay looking at race trailers, trying to figure out how to haul my racecars… I don’t even get involved with comedy."
Adam Carolla responding to the backlash to his "dudes are funnier than chicks" comments. This explains why he dropped references to The View in his explanation. Maybe next time when we ask someone whether men and women are equally as funny, which we probably shouldn't because it's asinine and irrelevant, we should pick someone who actually, you know, likes comedy.

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  • http://twitter.com/MatManz Matt Manzella

    Adam can be a world class asshole, but he's right. Why does he have to be a buddy buddy with everybody? Why are people so jealous that he can be funny for a few hours a day, then turn it off and not think about until the next day. It's a job to him and he's obviously doing his job pretty fucking well if you look at the amount of product he moves. He makes people happy, his podcast is still consistently top 5 on iTunes, he's making his money, who gives two shits if he doesn't want to watch Franklin and Bash or catch a Patton Oswalt show. Fucks sake people.

    • Brian

      But, the point is he made a statement about women in comedy, which he doesn't really know anything about if he's not keeping up with comedy that is being produced. That wasn't fair of him. He can pay attention to whatever he wants and manage his life how he wants to, but he shouldn't go around making grandiose statements when he doesn't know what he's talking about. 

  • CropdusterAquaMan92
  • mandude42

    Brian makes a great point. It'd be like a guy who only goes to the movies once or twice a year, only watches a new or newer movie every couple months, and then goes on a rant about how movies today suck. Guy doesn't pay attention to something? He shouldn't make a big bold statement about how that thing sucks.