Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Are Men Funny?

I am a man and now I'm certain I'll never be funny. Do you know any funny men? Morgan Murphy is pretty gender-neutral name; can she be a man? I've heard of this comedian named "Chris Rock" but that's probably short for Christine, right? I guess I'll just go back to school to be a businessman/lawyer/Strongman competitor.

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  • me

    Adam Carolla didn't say women weren't funny, he said men were funnier than women.

    • http://twitter.com/gigglestheblood Lindy

      Who cares? He isn't the first person to say something like that, the video is a response to the culture not to that asshat.

      • me

        It that why the first tag (and only person named in the tags) is Adam Carolla?

    • Brian

      Do you know anything about how long it takes to produce videos like this? They obviously made the video before the Corolla incident and added the tag after that happened. Otherwise they would have included a clip of him or addressed his remarks directly. Instead they used all the points people usually try to make when they say women aren't funny. This is great satire.

  • Harry

    deese dumb broads needs to shuts dere mouths up

  • undertoad

    we get it jesse you want to pick a fight with carolla to get page views

    you couldn't pick a worse person to do that with, as he will simply not acknowledge it

    it also won't work if you clog your site up with bullshit such as this, driving readers away

    • KeyandPeeleFan

      It makes sense that it's been revealed in a recent interview that Adam Carolla doesn't pay attention to comedy and doesn't know what comedy is currently being produced. That's why he's so out of touch.

      And it also makes since that his fans don't know how to capitalize or period their fucking sentences. And they can't recognize a funny comedy sketch either.

      • undertoad

        O U MAD BRO?  ha ha i love that about you