Friday, July 27th, 2012

Boy, Bill Cosby Was On Last Night

This is why it's great to have Jimmy as a late night host: his excitement for certain guests is infectious. Throughout the interview he would accidentally finish Cosby's sentences, he was so excited to just be there. He acted like a little kid trying to do dumb bits with one of his idols because he kind of was. He let Cosby be Cosby because Cosby being Cosby is pretty amazing. Are there people talking about a Cosby comeback? If not, here we are talking about. Make it so! Watch a few more clips from the "interview", below:

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  • Megan Blackstone

    I remember when he was truely a graet comedian and yearly Emmy winner on his Cosby Show, but after seeing Bill TRY to perform and make us laugh it was sad indeed to see a 75 yr old once great man ramble continuously and aimlessly through his( sit down) standup act and brief 5 minute interview next to Dave, His monolouge was disjointed and non-sensicle and i don't think he should have showed up.I t was embarrasing to watch.I think Dave sensed it too. Not tha samne guy of 20 years ago.It was like he was dementia or on LSD.
    Poor Bill, he's rich enough that he should seriously consider retiring.
    My Two Cents